Kia ora tamariki ma

New Covid strain called Omicron identified

A newly identified coronavirus variant has spread in South Africa. The

New character for Sesame street

One of the world’s most famous

Crazy Frog is back!

Crazy Frog, the viral animated creature

The great red crab migration

Tens of millions of red crabs have begun

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Engineer builds world’s biggest Nerf Gun

An engineer in the United States has

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Gardener grows five fruits on the same tree

An Australia gardener has gained a

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105 year old running breaks record

A 105-year-old runner has broken the

Man breaks football world record

A Mexican soccer fan has broken the Guinness World Record by collecting

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Waikato win 2021 NPC title

Waikato are the 2021 National Provincial

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Manchester United sack manager

Manchester United has sacked manager Ole

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France hammer All Blacks in Paris

France have hammered the All Blacks




‘I forgot’ – The science behind forgetting

Have you ever walked into a room only to forget what you needed? Or opened

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Rights and Responsibilities

We all have rights and responsibilities to one another and


What is the Skeletal System?

The skeletal system is the name for all the bones and


Influences on Food Choices

What we eat, when we eat, and how much we eat are all

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Mental Health Day –

The 10th of October marks World Mental Health Day, which


UK’s most expensive car park sold

A parking spot has gone on sale for £400,000 in Britain. The underground

Guide dog gives birth to 8

A US guide dog unexpectedly gave birth to eight puppies in

Human Domino World Record

More than 1,000 workers have set a new world record for

Gingerbread house challenge

Selena Gomez brings out

Selena Gomez is the new star of a quarantine cooking


Antarctic Penguin arrives in New Zealand

An Antarctic Penguin has been found roaming a New Zealand beach. This


New species of beetle found in

A new species of beetle has been found inside some

Women lives in van with 320 rats

A woman in California has been found living with 320 rats.

Pets can now ride on

Pets will soon be riding buses, trains and ferries in

Champion pigeon sells for

A champion pigeon called Armando has been sold for a


Plastic straws SUCK!

Isabel Macdonald, South New Brighton School Plastic straws are bad. Most people use them once,

NZ should offer support for

Recently the Taliban have taken over Afghanistan, wreaking havoc over the country. Formed in

Anastasia Pagonis – Inspirational

Anastasia is a blind 17-year old from America. She lost her sight when she was 14, as a result

Kiwi student makes Covid Song

Check out this amazing Covid song by a 12 year old in Queenstown, New Zealand. Nehlia Chua, has

Should we Take a Step Back in Time?

By Audrey Anna Milk in plastic bottles is found at nearly every gas station, dairy or