Internet speed record broken

Want faster internet? Then Australia is the place to go because they have

Trump takes US out of World Health Organisation

President Donald Trump has announced

White House under lockdown due to US riots

The White House was put under lockdown

SpaceX makes history

SpaceX has created history over the

Twitch creates safety council

Gaming company Twitch has announced that

Where should chocolate be stored?

Currently, there is a big debate going

Dan Carter joins Blues

Former All Black and Crusaders legend Dan Carter has joined the Auckland

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The NRL is back

NRL is officially back! The 3rd week of

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Federer worlds richest sportsman

Tennis great Roger Federer has been

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Warriors win first game of restarted season

The NZ Warriors have beaten the St


  • rūma moe

    rūma moe: bedroom. Haere ki tōu rūma moe! Go to your bedroom! - this is an example of a command in simple active form


Man breaks 256 walnuts with his elbow in one minute

On March the 30th a martial arts expert named Muhammad Rashid broke a Guinness World Record in

COVID-19 Shuts down sport around the world

There is almost no sport to watch at the moment. Anyone who loves football, cricket, tennis,

Premier League Update – Liverpool

This week included some great matches including comebacks, upsets, and more. The first match



What to do when I’m worried, scared or nervous

There’s lots we can do to help ourselves calm down if we feel scared or

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What is a Mindset?

What is a mindset? A mindset is a belief or an attitude


Making your own fun –

It might sound a bit weird, but you can be your own best



Iron is a mineral. When we eat plants and animals we get


Loving myself

Loving ourselves: self-love and self-compassion


Wild Goats flood Welsh town

A group of wild goats have flooded the Welsh town of Llandudno. With humans

Bear breaks into house and

A black bear has been found sleeping in a wardrobe in the

Stand up plane seats coming soon?

Could stand up seats be coming to planes soon? A new

School bans

Like, how would you cope, like, not saying like? Well a

Shoes made of plants

Imagine wearing shoes made from plants such as pineapple


Mittens the cat receives the key to Wellington city

Wellington’s friendliest cat, named Mittens, has been given the

New snake species named after

Researches in India have found brand new species of snake.

Locast destroy food crops in Africa

Locusts have destroyed thousands of acres of crops in east

Women fined for taking turtle

An Italian woman who took her turtle out for a walk has

Narwhal tusks used for Duelling

Have you ever wondered why Narwhal whales have tusks.