Jeff Bezos pledges $15.6 billion to fight climate change

Amazon boss Jeff Bezos has pledged $10billion ($NZ15.6 billion) to help

8-year-old girl dies of old age

A girl aged eight has died of old age in Ukraine. Anna Sakidon’s was

Messi and Hamilton share sports award

Barcelona forward Lionel Messi and Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton were



  • uta

    uta: ashore, landward. Taihoa! Kei uta ngā ika. Hold up! The fish are towards the land.- this is an example of a locative sentence Hoea ki uta! Paddle towards the land! See also tai - seaward. Also note uta(ina) means to be loaded.



What is the Nervous System?

Electrical impulses are constantly traveling from our brain to all parts of

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What can I do if I’m being

The best way to deal with cyberbullying is by reporting it


What is the Skeletal System?

The skeletal system is the name for all the bones and

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How to keep safe online

If anything bad happens online, we need to report it or


What is the Nervous System?

Electrical impulses are constantly traveling from our


World’s longest bubble train

Steven Langley is a bubble artist extraordinaire! Here he sets the Guinness

Russian news agency replaces

Russian news channel RT has accidentally labelled New

Men in Europe protest by

Overheated men and boys in the UK and Europe are

Airline serves 10 year old

A passenger on an easyJet flight was stunned when he was

Einstein’s theory of

Advice on two notes written by Albert Einstein describing


Meet the finalist for the world’s ugliest dog

The world’s ugliest dog competition is set for the 21st of June. The

UK Zoo asks for perfume

A zoo in the UK is asking for unwanted perfume so its big

Cross-eyed cat earns thousands

A cross-eyed cat has earned thousands of dollars for

Locusts causing problems in Africa

Parts of East Africa have been hit by huge swarms of

Sheep shearing record broken

A New Zealand-based Canadian shearer has set a new world