Kia Ora, Tamariki

Trump says he will ban TikTok

President Donald Trump says he may ban TikTok in the United States.

Trump suggests at moving US elections

Donald Trump has suggested that the US

16,000-year-old kelp found in Scotland

Scientists have found a type of kelp

Minecraft TV coming your way

A new Minecraft TV channel is coming

World tandem bike record broken

Two women have broken the world record for the fastest time

15 Richest People in the World

Forbes list of the richest billionaires

Goat causing traffic problems in US

State Police in Pennsylvania, USA, are

Scientist find the most number of hotdogs able to be eaten in one go

A new scientific study has shown there

Arsenal win FA Cup

Arsenal have won the FA Cup for 2020. Arsenal striker Pierre-Emerick

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NBA season restarts at Disneyland

The NBA season has started again with

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American Magic begins training on NZ waters

American Magic, one of Team New

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Wellington Phoenix sitting in second place in A-league

The Wellington Phoenix are sitting in



What to do when I’m worried, scared or nervous

There’s lots we can do to help ourselves calm down if we feel scared or


Fatty Facts

We need a little bit of fat as part of a healthy diet but


Processed Foods and Food

A processed food is anything we eat that we’ve changed on


What is the Muscular System?

Muscles make all our movements possible. We have over 600

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What is a Mindset?

What is a mindset? A mindset is a belief or an attitude


Wild Goats flood Welsh town

A group of wild goats have flooded the Welsh town of Llandudno. With humans

Doctors remove 526 teeth

Doctors in India have removed 526 teeth from a 7-year-old

Scientists invent a robotic eye

Scientists in San Diego, USA have designed a contact lens

Party for 60-year-old tortoise

A Pennsylvania zoo has given its 60-year-old tortoise a

World’s longest plank

I can maybe do a 30-second plank if I push it, and I’d be


NZ competition to name baby albatross

A royal albatross chick in New Zealand has hit headlines around the world

Biggest ever dinosaur

A study has unveiled what scientists think is the

Mittens the cat receives the

Wellington’s friendliest cat, named Mittens, has

Rare white bear seen in Canada

A rare white bear has been seen in Canada. The rear bear

Duck shooting season gets underway

The 2020 duck-shooting season is finally underway. Usually

  • pūkana

    pūkana: fierce facial expressions used in actions songs and haka.. Ka pūkana mai ngā tāngata e haka ana. The people who are doing the haka will do fierce facial expressions.- this is an example of an active sentence


What is an election?

In New Zealand our government is a representative democracy. A representative democracy is

Man breaks 256 walnuts with his elbow in one minute

On March the 30th a martial arts expert named Muhammad Rashid broke a Guinness World Record in

COVID-19 Shuts down sport around the world

There is almost no sport to watch at the moment. Anyone who loves football, cricket, tennis,