Kia Ora, Tamariki

Is your Advent Calendar ready?

This week marks the beginning of December and the beginning of the holiday

Sabre-tooth tiger skeleton for sale

The bones of a 37-million-year-old

Chinese spacecraft lands on the Moon

China says it has successfully landed a

Kids in India

India is the seventh largest country in

Fake meat on sale in Singapore

Singapore has become the first country

Darth Vader actor dies

The Actor that played Darth Vader in the

Catch Up – 27th November

Black Caps win T20 series against West Indies

The Black Caps have won their T20 series against the West Indies. New

Feature Post Sport

All Blacks beat Argentina

The All Blacks have beaten Argentina

Feature Post Sport

Football Legend – Diego Maradona dies

World football legend Diego Maradona has

Feature Post Sport

Sophie Devine named player of the tournament

White Ferns captain Sophie Devine has


Kids in India

India is the seventh largest country in the world, slightly bigger than one


Mental Health Day – 10th October

The 10th of October marks World Mental Health Day, which aims to raise



Stress can be defined as the way our body makes us feel as

Health National

Kiwi sugar intake continues

New Zealanders consume an average of 37 teaspoons of added


Leadership and Teamwork

Being part of a team When we are part of a group of people


Belonging and including

It’s about being a part of a group … not apart from a


Wild Goats flood Welsh town

A group of wild goats have flooded the Welsh town of Llandudno. With humans

Women lives in van with 320 rats

A woman in California has been found living with 320 rats.

9-year-old graduates from

A nine-year-old boy will become the youngest ever graduate

Chocoholics heaven

10-year-old McDonald’s

When McDonald’s closed all its restaurants in


Gentoo penguin chicks arrive at Kelly Tarlton’s

New Zealand’s only colony of Sub-Antarctic penguins has welcomed two new

First time in 100-years

Scientists have found an elusive chameleon species that

Man in New York falls into

A man in Nerw York has fallen into a rat infested sink

Has the Black Panther been

There have always been rumours of a large black cat in the

Aligator on helium wins Ig

An alligator on helium has won an Ig award. The award come

  • hoki(a)

    hoki(a): return, also. E hoki ki tōu maunga kia pūrea ai koe e ngā hau a Tāwhirimātea.Return to your mountain so that you may be refreshed by the winds of Tāwhirimātea.- this is an example of a command in simple active form Me hoki koe ki tōu ake marae ki te ako i te kawa. You should return to your own marae to learn protocol.- this […]


Kiwi students tackle modern slavery

At Matamata Intermediate we were focusing on the Sustainable Development Goals. These goals are

What is an election?

In New Zealand our government is a representative democracy. A representative democracy is

Man breaks 256 walnuts with his elbow in one minute

On March the 30th a martial arts expert named Muhammad Rashid broke a Guinness World Record in