Civil Defence tests mobile warning system

New Zealand’s Civil Defence have carried out a full Emergency mobile alart test. The test took place between 6pm and

Australia has a new Prime Minister

Australia has a new Prime Minister. Yesterday Australia elected Labour leader Anthony Albanese as prime minister, ousting Scott

Netflix to start showing adverts

Netflix have announced that they may be

Robot car breaks record

A robotic car has just broken the world

Feature Post Odd Stuff

Monroe pop art sells for $NZ311 Million

Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe print

Feature Post Odd Stuff

Blame someone else day

Did you blame someone for something last

ash barty

Wimbledon striped of ranking pints

Wimbledon have had its ranking points stripped by the ATP and WTA tours. The move comes because they decided to exclude players from

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Messi named world’s highest paid sportsperson

Lionel Messi was the world’s

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Black Sticks beaten by Australia

The Black Sticks have been beaten in

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Liverpool win FA Cup

Liverpool have won the 2022 FA Cup




‘I forgot’ – The science behind forgetting

Have you ever walked into a room only to forget what you needed? Or opened


Dealing with change and loss

Change is a part of our lives. Changes often make our

Health News Feature

What happens when I hurt my brain?

My brain is protected inside my skull by cerebrospinal

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What to do when I’m worried,

There’s lots we can do to help ourselves calm down if we


What is the Nervous System?

Electrical impulses are constantly traveling from our


UK’s most expensive car park sold

A parking spot has gone on sale for £400,000 in Britain. The underground

Straw invented that stops hiccups

Scientist have invented a straw that stops hiccups. The

5 year old Mayor

5 year old, Bobby Tufts, has held the title of mayor in a

Dogs jump into record books

Two rescue dogs have both made their way into the Guinness

World Comedy Wildlife

The finalists for this year’s Comedy Wildlife


Kennel cough increasing in New Zealand

Kennel cough is increasing in New Zealand and is hitting a number of our

Police Chase Escaped

Police in California received a surprising call for help

Polar Bear verses Seal

Mt Hutt ski field opens to dogs

Mt Hutt ski field has opened its slopes to dogs. Last

Champion pigeon sells for

A champion pigeon called Armando has been sold for a


Huge Earthquakes hits Antarctica

Scientists are currently trying to discover why a huge group of 85,000 earthquakes hit the icy

I had Covid – Views from an 11 year old

I looked down and saw two red lines on the RAT test. I had COVID-19. My body filled up with

Plastic straws SUCK!

Isabel Macdonald, South New Brighton School Plastic straws are bad. Most people use them once,

NZ should offer support for

Recently the Taliban have taken over Afghanistan, wreaking havoc over the country. Formed in

Anastasia Pagonis – Inspirational

Anastasia is a blind 17-year old from America. She lost her sight when she was 14, as a result