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An ancient chariot has been found in Pompeii, Italy.

The four-wheeled carriage was found near a stable where three horses were uncovered back in 2018.

Experts believe it was likely used in festivities and parades.

Pleasingly the chariot was in exceptional condition will help researchers and scientists.

Pompeii is a city that was engulfed by a volcanic eruption from Mount Vesuvius in AD79.

The volcanic eruption buried the city in a thick layer of ash, preserving many of its residents and buildings.

The chariot was found in a double-level area connected to stables on the north of the walls of the ancient city.

Archaeologists say efforts to safely free the chariot took weeks after it first emerged during an excavation effort on 7 January.

The ancient city lies around 23km to the south-east of Naples, is a Unesco world heritage site.

A wild, wooley sheep has been found in a forest in Australia.

The sheep hasn’t been shawn in a long time and had more than 35kg of wool on her.

The sheep was found by a member of the public on Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary which is about 60 kilometres north of Melbourne.

The sheep was once an owned as it had been been ear-tagged. However, this appeared to have been torn out by the thick matted wool around his face.

After his much-needed shearing, the wool was officially weighed in at 35.4 kilograms.

The sheep has been nicknamed Baarack by his rescuers and is now settling in with other rescued sheep at Edgar’s Mission Farm.

Two Swedish meteorite hunters have discovered a 14kg meteorite.

Andreas Forsberg and Anders Zetterqvist, two geologists from Stockholm, discovered the iron meteorite in a forest.

However, they kept their find secret until last month to ensure it was a meterorite.

Experts saw the meteorite hit earth in late November. The pair were then part of a group of around 50 people who then hunted for the remains on earth,

An astronomer at Uppsala University, used a network of cameras to calculate a 16-square-kilometre fall zone.

On November 16th, Zetterqvist found the place where the meteorite had hit the ground. The next day, November 17th, they found the first fragments of the rock.

They alerted Sweden’s Museum of Natural History on November 22nd, and the museum announced the discovery of the fragments on January 26th.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will not return as working members of the Royal Family.

Last week the Queen confirmed the news. In a statement, she said the couple would not “continue with the responsibilities and duties that come with a life of public service”.

The move means that they will return their honorary appointments and Royal patronages. This means that they will step down from positions they hold as figureheads for various charities and organisations.

Harry and Meghan have said they will still offer to support the organisations they have represented.

A statement from the Royal Family said: “We all are saddened by their decision.”

“Touchdown of Perseverance confirmed” – there is a new robot on Mars!

The American space agency, Nasa, has successfully landed its Perseverance rover on Mars.

The six-wheeled robot landed after a 470 million-km journey from Earth. It will now spend the next two years drilling into rocks, looking for evidence of past life.

The rover landed in a deep crater near the planet’s equator called Jezero. Jezero is thought to have been home to a giant lake billions of years ago.

Perseverance is the first science mission that has gone to Mars with such an advanced set of equipment.

Facebook has blocked news outlets using their platform in Australia.

The move stopped around 18 million Australian Facebook users from viewing or sharing Australian news.

Facebook has blocked the content in response to new rules set by the Australian government and their new media code.

The media code requires companies like Facebook and Google to pay media companies for content.

Google has struck deals with several outlets ahead of the introduction of Australia’s news media code. However, Facebook went the other way and stopped displaying content.

Australia’s prime minister, Scott Morrison, called the company’s actions “as arrogant as they were disappointing”.

A large winter storm has hit the US.

The storm has brought freezing winds, ice and snow to parts of the US which rarely see such cold weather.

Storm Uri has swept across Texas as well as other southern US states.

More than 150 million Americans were now under winter storm warnings and it reported on Tuesday that around 73% of the US is covered by snow.

Texas is experiencing some of its coldest temperatures in 30 years. the temperature dropped to -18C on Sunday.

A state of emergency has been declared by President Joe Biden. This means local emergency services will get more support to help those affected.

Homes in Texas are not normally insulated for cold weather, which has meant there has been a much higher demand for electricity.

Some schools and food stores have had to close, and people are being advised to stay at home and avoid travel.

At least 20 people have died because of the storm.

Apple has updated its old emojis and given us some new options in its new update.

The new emojis have arrived as part of Apple’s iOS14.5 update. The new emojis now allows users to customise races between couples.

Emojis are regulated by the Unicode Consortium. This is an independent body that oversees the creation of emoji. They approve the designs for each company, including Apple, Google, Samsung and Twitter.

Here are some new designs to look forward to.

New mixed race couple emojis

Couples are now customisable. This means you can change the race of each person in the couple.

Before and after of the headphones emoji

After launching new headphones in 2020, Apple has changed their headphone emoji.New emojis, one blowing air and one with spiral eyes

There are also some new faces for you to express yourself with. The update introduces a woman with a beard, a person with a beard, a face exhaling, a face in clouds and a face with spiral eyes.

Before and after of the blood syringe and vaccine syringe

Finally may notice how the blood-syringe has now changed and looks more vaccine-syringe like.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have announced they are expecting their second child. 

In an announcement on Sunday the Duke and Duchess of Sussex revealed that another baby is on the way.

The couple announced the news on their Twitter account.

The new baby will be the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh’s tenth great-grandchild and Prince Charles’ fifth grandchild.

Harry and Meghan’s first son, one-year-old Archie, was born in May 2019. 

Harry and Meghan relocated to the United States at the beginning of 2020, after they gave up their official royal roles.