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The French government is fighting against bed bugs.

Last week they launched a campaign to combat a large number of bedbugs that have arrived recently.

In Paris, experts say 400,000 addresses including hotels, apartments and houses were treated in 2018.

The bedbugs that have settled in homes and hotels to feed on human blood.

Bed bugs disappeared from France in the 1950s, but the infuriating insects have come back in their thousands.

The common bed bug, Cimex lectularius, is found in temperate climates in the United States and parts of Europe.

The six-legged pest posed only a minor nuisance after World War II because of the widespread use of insecticides such as DDT. But the banning of such potent poisons, because they were too dangerous, has seen a bed bug revival.

In 2016, a study found that the flightless creatures had become resistant to pesticides, further aiding their global conquest.

Illustrating how annoying the issue has become, bed bugs have even featured in the Paris 2020 electoral campaign, with mayoral hopeful Benjamin Griveaux promising to clean up the capital in 100 days. 

Amazon boss Jeff Bezos has pledged $10billion ($NZ15.6 billion) to help fight climate change.

The world’s richest man said the money would finance work by scientists, activists and other groups.

He said: “I want to work alongside others both to amplify known ways and to explore new ways of fighting the devastating impact of climate change.”

Mr Bezos has an estimated net worth of more than $130bn, so the pledge represents almost 8% of his fortune.

He announced the pledge on his Instagram page saying:

⁣⁣⁣”Climate change is the biggest threat to our planet. I want to work alongside others both to amplify known ways and to explore new ways of fighting the devastating impact of climate change on this planet we all share. This global initiative will fund scientists, activists, NGOs – any effort that offers a real possibility to help preserve and protect the natural world.

“We can save Earth. It’s going to take collective action from big companies, small companies, nation states, global organisations, and individuals. ⁣⁣⁣

⁣⁣⁣”I’m committing $10bn to start and will begin issuing grants this summer. Earth is the one thing we all have in common – let’s protect it, together.”⁣⁣⁣

Aeroplane company Airbus have released designs for a new aircraft.

The design includes a single-aisle aircraft with larger wings than usual. It is known as the MAVERIC.

The radical design looks like something you’d expect to see in a Star Wars film.

A miniature version of the design has been flying at Singapore’s Airshow this week.

The design is said to bring fuel savings of up to 20 percent, but most people are excited by the spacious interior.

It has taken 3 years to take the concept from an idea to a small working model.

NASA have announced that they will attempt to bring back soil samples from Mars.

The project is part of the Mars 2020 mission which is launched this year.It will arrive on Mars in early 2021.

The rover being sent to the Red Planet is capable of tasks that no other machine on Mars can perform.

The rover will collect samples of the martian soil that NASA will eventually bring back to Earth to study.

The collection of the samples is difficult.

The rover will grab the samples from a variety of locations on the surface. Once it has collected enough of them, it will deposit them in a single location.

A later mission, planned for 2026 will arrive at the sample drop-off location, pick up the samples and fire them toward Earth.

It’s an incredibly complex and intricate plan. But NASA and the European Space Agency are confident it can be accomplished. If they pull it off, scientists on Earth will finally have a chance to study Mars surface material.

Antarctica has hit a record temperature of over 20 degrees Celsius (°C) for the first time.

This is on top of a record temperature recorded last week.

A reading from the Esperanza base in western Antarctica showed a temperature of 18.3°C last week, but another measurement at Seymour Island, less than 100km away, reportedly hit 20.75°C just a few days later.

Scientists say the temperature reading needs to be double-checked and confirmed by the World Meteorological Organization.

Scientists say the changeable temperatures in this area of the Antarctic appear to be caused by shifts in ocean currents.

Antarctica Facts

  • Summer runs from October to February and it’s winter for the rest of the year.
  • Antarctic summers average just above freezing, with east Antarctica even colder than the western region.
  • During the winter months, parts of Antarctica reach as low as minus 60°C, and sometimes it can be even colder than that.
  • The lowest temperature recorded in the world, minus 89.6 degrees Celsius, was recorded at Vostok Station, a Russian research station in inland Antarctica on 21 July 1983.

The Royal Mint UK has produced a 5kg coin that is reportedly worth a staggering $500,000.

The coin features the “Una and The Lion” design, conceived in 1839 by William Wyon. He was the former official chief engraver at the Royal Mint.

The coin design is made from fine gold and has been remastered from an original die that was first used almost two centuries ago.

The ceremonial gold coin has been tested by the Goldsmiths’ Company in the City of London to ensure it is of the highest quality.

A coin weighing two kilos and worth nearly $250,000 has also been made featuring the same design.

Bumblebee numbers are on the decline.

New research using up to date information has found the insects are far less common than they used to be.

In North America, you are nearly 50% less likely to see a bumblebee in any given area than you were prior to 1974.

Bumblebees are very important to our ecosystem. They pollinate many wild plants, as well as important crops like tomatoes, squash, and many types of berries.

The reason for the decline in numbers – hotter conditions on earth.

In a new paper published this week in the journal Science, researchers used a complex process to suggest that the decline is driven in large part by climate change.

Scientists found that in areas that have become hotter in the last 10 years, bumblebees are less common. In Europe, they are 17 percent less plentiful than they were in the early 20th century.

The maker of Barbie, Mattel, has launched a new range of designs for 2020.

The new designs aim to reflect a broader range of hairstyles, skin tones, and body types. 

Mattel is branding it as the ‘most diverse doll line yet’. One of the news Barbie’s has vitiligo and a hairless Barbie is also included.

Vitiligo is a condition that causes loss of skin colour. Mattel said they worked with a dermatologist to make sure it was accurately represented. 

Last year, the prototype of the vitiligo doll was the most ‘liked post’ on the company’s Instagram.

The dolls are to be part of the Fashionista range, which has 176 dolls with 9 different body types, 35 skin tones, and 94 hairstyles. 

The manufacturer, Mattel says it has continued to revolutionise the Barbie doll to better reflect what girls see in their world today.

Other dolls in the line include a Ken with long blonde hair and dolls with wheelchairs and prosthetic limbs to reflect girls with physical disabilities.

There have been a lot of news stories recently about a new virus that has started to spread from China.

The coronavirus is very well known. It was first spotted in a city called Wuhan in China.

The virus has never been seen in humans before and although the number of people affected is relatively small, it has started to spread around the world.

It’s called a coronavirus because, under the microscope, it looks like lots of little crowns.

Governments around the world are starting to take action to contain it.

There have been no cases in New Zealand. However, a few New Zealanders have the virus after catching it while overseas.

Most cases have been in Wuhan but the virus has also spread to other Chinese cities where transport systems, schools and workplaces have been closed down to try to stop the virus spreading.

How does coronavirus affect people?

The coronavirus is a respiratory virus which means it can affect people’s breathing and lungs.

Like the normal flu bugs, it can spread from person to person by coughing and sneezing.

What are the signs people have coronavirus?

The main symptoms are:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Fever
  • Coughing

However, it can stop your immune system working and is therefore very dangerous to the very young, the very old, and people who are weaker due to other illnesses.

What’s being done about it?

The World Health Organization’s (WHO) emergency committee has declared a global emergency.

A global emergency is the highest level of alarm.

The WHO says it has made coronavirus a global emergency because it is concerned that it could spread to poorer countries that might not have the ability to spot the virus or contain it.

By declaring a global emergency, the WHO can support these countries and prepare them for the possibility of cases.

In New Zealand, the risk is considered moderate. Our government has put in procedures at ports and airports to try and stop the virus coming here.

Because this is a new strand, there’s currently no vaccine or medicine available yet to treat it.

The only way to prevent it from spreading is to stop close contact with people who have the virus. Good hygiene, such as regular handwashing, is also important.

Climate advocate Greta Thunberg has said she has applied to trademark her name.

The move would mean it is illegal to use her name which is not in line with her values.

She has also sought to trademark the Fridays For Future movement she founded in 2018.

“I assure you, I and the other school strikers have absolutely no interests in trademarks. But unfortunately it needs to be done,” she said on Instagram on Wednesday.

Thunberg said she had also applied to trademark Skolstrejk for klimatet (school strike for the climate in Swedish) – the wording on the placard she has held since she started her protest outside the Swedish parliament in 2018.

Her name and the #FridaysForFuture movement are constantly being used for commercial purposes without any consent whatsoever.