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A bear has been spotted at an Olympics baseball match at the Fukushima Azuma Baseball Stadium.

Japanese media reported that an Asian black bear was seen by guards on Wednesday. The Japanese and Australia’s softball teams were scheduled to play against each other in the opening Baseball event of the Olympics.

The Asian black bear got loose in the area of the Fukushima Azuma Baseball Stadium and managed to get onto the baseball field.

Many of the players from the softball teams were shocked that there was a bear on the softball field and said that nothing like that had ever happened before.

Fukushima is about 240 kilometers north of the main Olympic sites in Tokyo.

After the reports of the sightings many people from softball teams were looking to see if they could find a big black bear.

Although they had no luck because there was no more bears spotted after the word got out.

Welcome to the Kiwi Kids News daily round up of the Tokyo Olympic Games. These Olympics will see round 11,000 athletes from 205 nations competing in the 339 events on offer, across 33 sports. New Zealand has a team of 211 athletes competing.

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Football (Men) Group B – Game 1 v Korea

Men’s Football

Our men’s football team – the Oly Whites – have had an excellent win against South Korea.

New Zealand won 1-0 with Chris Wood scoring in the 71st minute.

This is New Zealand’s first Olympic football win. In the past The Oly Whites have managed a draw with China and Egypt respectively.

The Oly Whites next game is against Honduras in Round 2.

Check out the Kiwi Kids News daily round up of the Tokyo Olympic Games. These Olympics will see round 11,000 athletes from 205 nations competing in the 339 events on offer, across 33 sports. New Zealand has a team of 211 athletes competing.

Scroll down to see the action from today.


Football (Women) Group G – Game 1 v Australia

Women’s Football

New Zealand opened their Olympic women’s soccer tournament with a 2-1 loss over Australia this morning.

It started with Australia opening the scoring in the 20th-minute with Yallop. They doubled their lead in the 30th minute with Kerr.

New Zealand narrowed the gap with Gabi Rennie’s goal in stoppage time.

This makes New Zealand 3rd in their group with the USA losing against Sweden.

The group stage continues tomorrow with New Zealand set to play the US.

Earlier today, the Swedes upset the Americans 3-0 at Tokyo Stadium.

See you tomorrow for all the latest New Zealand updates from the Tokyo Games.

Six Polish swimmers have been sent home from the 2021 Olympic Games after being forced to leave Tokyo due to an administrative error.

The error came after the Polish Swimming Federation was forced to cut its team of 23 members to 17 after sending too many athletes to Japan.

It is believed it is due to a misunderstanding of the FINA qualifying standards.

The six Polish swimmers, Alicja Tchórz, Bartosz Piszczorowicz, Aleksandra Polańska, Mateusz Chowaniec, Dominika Kossakowska and Jan Holub, have returned to Poland. They are devastated by the decision and are planning on taking legal action in response to their country’s blunder.

The Polish swim team has united together and signed an open letter that has called for the Polish Swimming Federation board to resign. They demand the board take full accountability.

Two new sports at the Tokyo Olympics are baseball and softball. 

Both baseball and softball have already been in the Olympics from 1992 to 2008. However, for this event baseball is men only while the softball tournament is women only.

Baseball is extremely popular in Japan and will have 6 countries participating: Japan, America, Israel, Mexico, South Korea, Dominican Republic.

The tournament will start with opening-round pool play before moving into the knockout stage to determine the champion. The Tokyo Olympics will be a one-off for both the sports, as neither one will be contested at the 2024 Olympics.

Softball also has 6 countries competing: The United States, Japan, Australia, Italy, Mexico, and Canada. The opening round will feature each team playing each other in a round-robin format, and then the top two teams will advance directly to the gold medal game.

New Zealand is sending a team of 211 athletes to the Tokyo Olympic Games. It is New Zealand’s largest ever Olympic team.

The team includes 101 females and 110 males with athletes set to compete across 22 sports. New Zealand is also competing in the new Olympic sports of karate and surfing. There are 33 athletes that are of Māori descent.

The youngest athlete in the team is 17-year-old swimmer Erika Fairweather who is in her final year of High School at Dunedin’s Kavanagh College. The oldest is equestrian jumping athlete Bruce Goodin who is 51.

For the first time ever, both a male and female athlete will carry the flag for New Zealand at the Opening Ceremony. Black Ferns Sevens Captain Sarah Hirini and two-time Olympic champion Hamish Bond will have the honour of leading the team into the Olympic stadium.

Auckland has produced the largest percentage of the Tokyo Olympians with 52 of the team hailing from the region. The Bay of Plenty comes in second with 25 athletes, and Canterbury third with 23.

118 of the athletes will be first time Olympians, while the other 93 have already been to one or more Games.

Dame Valerie Adams will create history, becoming the second ever New Zealand female to attend five Olympic Games.

World Swimming governing body FINA, has announced a new style of swim cap is not suitable for international competitions like Tokyo 2020.

The Soul Cap is designed to be worn by athletes with afro hairstyles.

However, FINA argued that the hat didn’t follow “the natural form of the head”. It rejected Soul Cap’s application for the cap to be certified for use at big competitions.

Soul Cap says it makes caps to fit over and protect thick and curly hair. Afro hair is typically drier compared to other hair textures. This is because the of the strands are often very tightly curled, making it more difficult for naturally occurring oils to moisturise the hair.

There’s been lots of backlash following Fina’s decision to ban Soul Cap’s hats from international competitions. The federation has now said it will be reviewing it’s original decision.

New Zealand rugby sevens captain Sarah Hirini and rower Hamish Bond have been chosen as New Zealand’s flag bearers for the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics.

The New Zealand Olympic Committee confirmed the pair as joint flagbearers late last week.

A change in Games rules meant countries will have a male and female athlete jointly carrying their countries flag.

Hirini has an impressive background. She was part of the team which claimed a silver medal at the 2016 Rio Games, she has a Commonwealth games gold medal and two world titles to her name.

Two-time Olympic champion Bond is 35 years old and is off to his forth Olympics. He was proud to carry the flag alongside Hirini.

The Tokyo Games are set to run from July 23 to August 8.

New Zealand’s Olympic Team Leader is Rob Waddell. He is known as the Chef de Mission and he said the pair were chosen as they exemplify the values and culture of the New Zealand Team.

The flagbearer is chosen by the New Zealand Olympic Team taking into account a wide range of factors, including past performances, ability to lead and inspire New Zealand athletes, competition preparation and performance standards.

Sir Peter Snell was the New Zealand team flagbearer the last time New Zealand competed at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, in 1964.

The modern Olympics that we watch now started up on the 6th of April in 1896.

Started up? You say, well the Olympics went on a bit of a break after being banned by the Roman Emperor Theodosius I because it didn’t fit with his religion! 

The Olympics started again after a French man named Pierre de Coubertin raised the idea at an international sport conference and the idea to restart the Olympic Games officially was approved! 

They were hosted in Athens, which is fitting because that is in Greece, where the first games ever were held! Unfortunately, they were still only open to  men (Woman only started competing in 1900, and then they only competed in 5 sports). 

There were 280 athletes from 12 countries and they competed in 43 events, which may sound like a lot but there will be 330 events this year! 

The Olympic Games that we watch on television today are very different to the original games.

The first records of the Olympics are from the year 776 B.C in Ancient Greece, (but most historians think it stared way before then) that’s around 2300 years ago! These are called the Ancient Olympics. 

They were a religious festival celebrating Zeus. For the first 13 Games, only one athletic event was even held, which was a 180-ish metre running race that was won by a cook! 

Later, events such as wrestling and javelin were introduced. The Games were only competed in by men. You may have also heard about the story that they ran naked. That is true! Some say that it was to intimidate other contestants, to show Zeus (the Greek god that the games were dedicated to) how powerful they were, or that the nudity started when somebody lost their shorts in a race, and some say that it was the Spartans who introduced nudity.

Either way, it happened! Thankfully, athletes wear clothes at the modern Olympics!