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After years of wondering about what lies beyond Earth, NASA has designed a message that will be transmitted to the New Horizons space probe in an attempt to contact any other life forms.

The New Horizons is an unmanned spacecraft that will first travel to Pluto, and then onto other planets across the galaxy, presenting the message to any other intelligent life-forms it encounters on its travels.

The message will be transmitted to the probe in the form of words, sounds, maps and photos of life on Earth in 2014.

And YOU can be a part of this message! The team behind the project, One Earth: New Horizons Message, will be asking people who live all around the world to send in their ideas and messages for extraterrestrials based on what they believe would give other life forms the best understanding of how humans live here on earth.

A formal announcement will be issued on the 25th of August, providing the information needed about the submission process and deadline for everyone to submit their message for the mission! Will your message make it to space?

Also check out: The Solar System Video


Article written by  D Mulhern

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  1. If I could take a message to space, I would show them how to use a PS4 and iPad mini retina.

  2. I’d shoe how to use all the Xbox s and all the ps and all the apple devices because I have them allllll!!!!!

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