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Mental Health Awareness Week

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Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW) in New Zealand starts on September 18th, with a focus on the “Five Ways to Wellbeing,” a set of simple actions proven to improve mental health. The week’s theme, “Five Ways, Five Days,” encourages New Zealanders to “Take Notice, Give, Be Active, Connect, and Keep Learning.” These Five Ways to Wellbeing are evidence-backed and can be easily integrated into daily life to enhance mental health.

Research shows that individuals who engage in activities related to the Five Ways to Wellbeing, such as regular physical activity, connecting with others, relaxation, and helping others, tend to experience higher levels of wellbeing. MHAW aims to provide tools and strategies to enhance mental health and build resilience, especially in challenging times.

The Mental Health Foundation emphasizes that mental health is a critical aspect of overall wellbeing, and nurturing it is essential. Approximately one in five New Zealanders experience mental illness and/or addiction each year, and MHAW seeks to provide resources and support to help individuals cope and thrive.

During MHAW, workplaces and schools across New Zealand participate in activities and discussions related to mental health and wellbeing. Resource packs are available for those interested in joining the initiative, and online resources provide activity ideas and information on how to have supportive conversations about mental health.

MHAW also features webinars and events hosted by experts in mental health and wellbeing. It’s an opportunity for New Zealanders to prioritize mental health, break down the stigma surrounding mental health concerns, and promote open conversations about mental wellbeing.

For more information and resources related to Mental Health Awareness Week in New Zealand, individuals can visit the MHAW website at

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