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Gaming company Twitch has announced that it is creating its own advisory council.

The group will include online safety experts and anti-bullying campaigners in a hope to improve the safety on the site.

The video game live-streaming platform, which is owned by Amazon, has 15 million daily users. User are able to chat with each other online.

The new safety advisory council will help Twitch develop products and come up with new rules to reduce harassment.

It also wants to help promote healthy streaming habits, according to a company statement.

Currently, there is a big debate going on about the best place chocolate should be stored. In the fridge or the cupboard?

For some, cold chocolate straight from the fridge is the only way to eat it – but others say it needs to be kept in the cupboard so it’s a bit softer and can melt in your mouth.

Where do you stand? And what do the experts say?

Famous chocolate maker Cadbury tried to settle the issue.cadbury tweet

But many people online have been saying that the best place to store your chocolate is in the fridge?

Personally, I think the best place to store chocolate is in your belly!!! Leave a comment below on your thoughts.

YouTube has developed a new setting that tells you to stop watching videos when it’s past your bedtime.

The move is part of YouTube’s effort to promote ‘digital wellness’.

Users can now set a bedtime reminder to avoid disrupting your sleep by watching later than you should.

You can pick start and end times in the settings menu and decide if you want your bedtime reminder to pop up during a video, or until after it’s finished.

This new feature is one of many that have been added to YouTube in the last few years. You can now see the amount of time you spend watching videos per week and schedule reminders to take a break from the screen.

Once you switch the setting to the ‘on’ position, you’ll be asked to select the time when you have to go to bed.

The bedtime reminder is currently available on the YouTube app on Apple and Android phones and tablets.

Two brother have found gold while building a hut in France. The gold has an estimated value of $60,000NZD.

The boys, both about 10 years old, found the gold bars in their attic after using old bed sheets.

The bedding belonged to their late grandmother. When they took the sheets the gold bars just fell out onto the ground.

Out of curiosity, the boys’ father contacted a local auctioneer, Philippe Rouillac, who valued the gold bars.

It turns out that the bars were purchased by the grandmother in 1967 and even come with a proof of purchase.

Social distancing has led to many schools in USA having to cancel their graduations or hold them online.

However, Kevin Carpenter, principal of Kennett High School, developed a novel idea for the end of year graduation.

He has planned to run his school’s graduation on a ski lift.

The high school will use the Cranmore Mountain Resort, which agreed to host the unique commencement – free of charge. 

In June the ski lift at Cranmore will be packed with 174 graduating seniors. Parents have also been invited.

Students and parents will travel up the lift and collect their awards at the top and then make their way down.

An 8-year-old Labrador retriever has recieved a PhD in veterinary medicine Friday.

Moose, has been a therapy dog at Virginia Tech’s Cook Counseling Center a since 2014.

He has supported and comforted patients going through cancer treatment.

However, Moosewas diagnosed with prostate cancer a mere week after his 64th (in human years) birthday in February. He has been undergoing radiation, chemotherapy and other treatments since then.

The dog has been in more than 7,500 counseling sessions and 500 outreach events in his six years at Virginia Tech.

In 2019 he received the Virginia Veterinary Medical Association’s Animal Hero Award.

Darth Vader has been busy enforing lockdown in Manila.

Local officials in the Philippines have used the characters to remind people to stay in lockdown.

The Darth Vader and Stormtrooper outfits are made from rubber mats and old plastic.

The Star Wars characters tell off residents who still go outdoors without the proper quarantine passes needed and also those who do not wear face masks.

The Philippines, whose capital and main cities are under strict quarantine until mid-May, has recorded 9,485 confirmed coronavirus cases.