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A singing tiger from a Russian zoo is quickly gaining popularity on social media.

Apparently, people believe the tiger can carry a tune.

A short video of the “singing” tiger was shared by the zoo in Barnaul.

Video shows the elephants at the Reid Park Zoo playing as the snow fell Tuesday.

Zoo officials say the 8-month-old male Amur tiger cub is not in pain and makes the high-pitched sounds when he is trying to attract attention.

A giant fatberg has been removed from a UK sewer.

The fatberg had got stuck under Yabsley Street, clogging long sections of the sewer. It was the size of a small house.

Water engineers and cleansing experts spent two weeks using high-powered water jets and hand tools to chip away at the fat blob.

Apparently, the blob smelt like composting festival toilets and rotten meat!

Fatbergs are formed when oil, grease and fat poured down drains combine with non-biodegradable items such as wet wipes, nappies and cotton buds.

The UK London Council has reminded the public to be careful what they flush.

An Australian driver has to pay $122NZD for a strange traffic rule in Sydney.

The fine, that was given by the New South Wales (NSW) Police Force, was due to the doors not being locked and windows being down.

Yes, you read correctly. He was fined for having his windows down and his car unlocked.

Under NSW road rules, it is an offense to leave a car unlocked or with the windows down if you are more than three metres away from the vehicle.

A window is considered insecure if it is open by more than two centimetres.

In north Queensland, the law is slightly different – windows can be down to five centimetres without being fined $42 NZD.

A new scientific study has found that pigs can be taught to use a computer.

In the study, pigs were able to move a cursor to hit a wall on a screen and earn a treat.

Pigs have long been thought of as smarter than your average animal. But now researchers claim they have taught pigs to use a joystick, suggesting they are even cleverer than previously thought.

Pigs have already been found to be able to solve multiple-choice puzzles, and learning commands such as “sit”.

Writing in the journal Frontiers in Psychology, Dr Sarah Boysen highlight how they used tasty treats to train the pigs to move the joysticks using their snouts while watching a computer screen.

The researchers then presented the pigs with a video game. The pigs had to use the joystick to manoeuvre a cursor until it collided with one of four wall-like structures on screen. Upon collision the game made a “bloop” sound and the pig received a treat.

A US woman has had to meet with a plastic surgeon after she used super glue instead of hair spray.

Tessica Brown use the glue when she didn’t have any hair spray.

After about a month and 15 washes, her hair had not moved. She then posted a video on TikTok in a bid to find a way to fix her hair.

Brown is 40, and has five children. Her video which was posted last week, has been viewed 26 million times.

After the video went viral, millions have followed her journey to remove the superglue from her scalp.

A US lawyer has accidentally appeared before a judge as a cat during a Zoom call.

The lawyer, who was taking part in a virtual court case, did not realise a ‘cat filter’ was switched on.

Rod Ponton appeared as a cat as he entered the zoom call held in Texas. Apparently, Rod’s child had used the computer before him and left the filter on.

Judge Roy Ferguson quickly gave Mr Ponton a heads-up that he had appeared on the chat as a white fluffy kitten.

However, Rod was unable to turn off the filter and at one stage was heard saying “Can you hear me? I’m here live. I’m not a cat.”