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Short shorts making a comeback for men in Europe this year.

At the moment, while we are in winter, Europe is going through a hot summer.

Social media has noticed a lot of pictures popping up lately of male celebrities in high cut athletic shorts.

According to a number of outlets short shorts will definitely be a trend this summer. In fact, its backed by research done by the firm.

This is just another example of fashion going through cycles.

Short shorts for men were popular from the 1940’s through the 1980’s. However, during the 1990’s and 2000’s the trend started to show men’s shorts getting longer and going to the knee or even past it.

How long will the trend last this time? Only time will tell!

A deaf dog in the United Kingdom has started learning sign language.

Last year, Peggy the sheepdog was forced to retire after she was declared deaf.

Peggy uses body language as a communication tool, which has meant she is now back working on the farm.

Peggy was given to the RSPCA when her owner could no longer communicate with her. After she arrived the RSPCA decided they would try and teach Peggy how to herd sheep using body or sign language as a tool of communication.

They developed a range of hand signals for common herding terms such as “come-by” and “steady”. She has also learnt the hand signals for “good girl” and “stop”.

It’s not clear how Peggy became deaf, her ears show no signs of infection, lumps or obvious signs.

Scientist have invented a straw that stops hiccups.

The device is called the FISST and stands for “forced inspiratory suction and swallow tool” (FISST). The tool costs about $14USD and has a distinctive design.

The device is a rigid L-shaped straw that has a mouthpiece at one end and an adjustable cap with a pressure valve, in the form of a small hole, at the other.

Hiccuping people place the device into a glass of water and use it to sip.

The inventors say the HiccAway’s forces people to suck and swallow and in their trails they found that it stopped hiccups in 92% of cases during trials.

What are hiccups?
When you get hiccups – or singultus as they are medically know – the diaphragm and intercostal muscles suddenly contract. The quick intake of air causes the opening between the vocal folds – known as the glottis – to shut, resulting in a “hic” sound, often to the embarrassment of the afflicted and the amusement of others.

The straw device “works instantly and the effect stays for several hours,” says Dr Ali Seifi who is the associate professor at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. He was a co-author of the study which tested team 249 people.

A man in the United States of America has completed an unusual world record.

Rian Kanouff, from Nebraska, set a new world record by completing 60 skydiving jumps in 24 hours. He was dressed in nothing but his safety equipment.

Kanouff contacted the Guinness World Records about setting the record for most naked skydiving jumps in 24 hours, but found there was no category. They said he could create the new record category if he performed at least 25 jumps in the time period.

Kanouff said its an funny tradition for skydivers to perform their 100th jump in the nude, and he came up with the idea to set the naked skydiving world record. He used this opportunity to raise money for a mental health charity after the recent death of a friend.

Kanouff ended his attempt with 60 completed naked jumps over Weeping Water, Nebraska.

Fortunately there were no photos of the event!

An alligator has joined the queue at a US Post Office.

Apparently, the animal had simply walked in through the building’s front doors and was hanging out.

The incident happened at the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office at around 3:30pm on Wednesday.

According to a people in the Post Office, the gator was just roaming around the lobby. The post office has automatic double doors, which would have made entering the lobby easy for the alligator.

The sheriff’s office wrote that a trapper was called to the scene and that the alligator was safely removed.

No injuries were reported.

A carpark has been sold in Hong Kong for $1.8million.

The recent sale was one of several car parks sold at a ultra-luxurious Mount Nicholson development overlooking the city’s Victoria Harbour.

The NZ$1.8m sale is a new record for a parking space. The previous record was NZ$1.35m, unsurprisingly also set in Hong Kong.

It’s unclear how large the car park actually is, but it is believed it is a standard car park.

Such high prices for parking spaces is a result of overcrowding in Hong Kong. For example, a house in Hong Kong was rented for a staggering NZ$290,785 per month