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An Oregon black and tan coonhound has earned a Guinness World Record for the world’s longest dog ears.

The dog’s name is Lou and he is 3 years old and is owned by Paige Olsen.

Last week Lou’s ears were measured at 33.5cm long, which is long enough to beat the previous record.

Olsen said she always knew Lou’s ears were “extravagantly long,” and she only decided to measure them while in lockdown.

Lou is also a competitor at dog shows and has earned titles from the American Kennel Club and Rally Obedience.

The famous “Skinny House” in Boston has sold for $1.73 NZ million.

The house is located at at 44 Hull St and has become a tourist attraction in Boston.

The house is 108 square meters big and has two bedrooms, one bathroom, a private garden and roof deck. The widest part of the house is 3m and its narrowest point is 1.8m.

Legend has it that the house was built after a family argument.
A soldier after returning home from the Civil War found that his brother had built a property on their inherited land from their deceased father. He was left with only a small section of land.

So the soldier built the “Skinny House,” also nicknamed a “Spite House,” to block sunlight from his brother’s home.

A cottage inspired by the home of Winnie-the-Pooh is available for rent in England.

The “Bearbnb” cottage is a partnership between Disney and Airbnb. It was designed in East Sussex’s Ashdown Forest by Kim Raymond, an artist who has been drawing Pooh for 30 years.A

Specific details from A.A. Milne’s books and E.H. Shepard’s original illustrations to make the cottage an accurate representation of the bear’s home.

It costs round $200 a night to stay in the house,

The cottage has a “Mr. Sanders” sign above the door, and the cupboards are stocked with pots labeled “Hunny.”

Visitors who rent the cottage will be treated to guided tours of the Hundred Acre Wood and rounds of Poohsticks, a game played by dropping sticks from Poohsticks Bridge.

Scientists believe that they are well on the way to bring back a Woolly mammoth from extinction.

A firm in the United States has raised $15m towards the experiment.

Scientists are set on creating an elephant-mammoth hybrid, with first calves expected in six years.

Woolly mammoths vanished 10,000 years ago from the face of the Earth.

The team of scientist believe they can create the elephant-mammoth hybrid by making embryos in the laboratory that carry mammoth DNA and skin cells from Asian elephants.

These embryos would then be carried to term in a surrogate elephant or maybe in an artificial womb.

If all goes to plan – and the hurdles are far from trivial – the researchers hope to have their first set of calves in six years.

An extremely rare polka dot baby zebra was spotted in Kenya.

Photographers managed to capture this photo in Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve.

This is the first known case of a zebra with a polka dot appearance like this area.

The polka dot appearance comes from a genetic disorder called pseudo-melanism where animals display an abnormality in their stripe pattern.

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Officials at a zoo in India confirmed a royal Bengal tiger escaped from its enclosure.

The escape caused the complete evacuation of the Nandankanan Zoological Park in Bhubaneswar.

The tiger, named Suraj,  escaped from the Tiger Safari exhibit by breaking through a rusted section of wire.

Visitors were quickly evacuated from the zoo, and Suraj was located wandering outside the enclosures at the Tiger Safari exhibit.

The big cat was wrangled back into the enclosure and the hole in the fence was repaired, officials said.

Visitors were allowed back inside the zoo once the all-clear was sounded.