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Instagram has bought in special ‘Olympic Accounts’ ahead of the upcoming Tokyo games.

Athletes can now have dedicated “athlete accounts”, which keeps their personal life and sporting life separate.

The new accounts will automatically filter out words, phrases and emojis that are deemed offensive.

The new safety aspects were shown to New Zealand Olympians this week at an online forum hosted by Facebook last week. Facebook is the company which runs Instagram.

The Black Caps are the World Test Champions after beating India by 8 wickets in Southampton, UK.

New Zealand chased down a tricky total of 139 with only the loss of two wickets. Captain Kane Williamson and Ross Taylor completed a 96 run partnership to secure the victory. Williamson ended on 52* and while Ross Taylor was 47* at the end.

A draw looked likely on the final day, after rain had disrupted a lot of the match. However, some excellent bowling from Man of the Match Kyle Jamieson and Tim Southee, ensured India was bowled out for 170 in their second innings.

The result means that New Zealand topple cricket’s superpower India and claim the biggest win in their history. It is the first major global cricket tournament the Black Caps have won.

In 2019 they came close to winning the One Day World Cup, only to be undone by an obscure rule.

The Wellington region will move to alert level 2 from 6pm on Wednesday 23rd June until 11.59pm on Sunday 27th June.

The announcement comes after a person who travelled from Sydney to Wellington tested positive for COVID-19. The person was in Wellington from 19-21 June.

At this stage, the rest of New Zealand will remain at alert level 1.

Alert level 2 means the following rules must be followed.

  • Limits on gathering size to fewer than 100 people, including tangi, church services, weddings and so on
  • Physical distancing in public places of 2m, and at least 1m in most other places including workplaces
  • Face masks remain mandatory on all public transport, and are encouraged while waiting for public transport and in rideshare services and taxis as well
  • Businesses can open but must follow public health rules including the 100 person cap on venues
  • Hospitality locations must apply the three S rules
  • As with all levels, people with symptoms should call Healthline or their doctor to seek advice on getting a test

Travel is not restricted under alert level 2, but anyone who has been in the Wellington region over the weekend should keep alert level 2 behaviours if they go elsewhere.

Transgender athlete Laurel Hubbard has been selected to represent New Zealand at the Tokyo Olympics.

Hubbard will become the first transgender athlete to compete at the Olympics. She will compete in the weightlifting competition.

The 43 year old is a former World Championship silver medalist and recently finished sixth at the 2019 IWF World Championships in Thailand.

Laurel has had to meet a number of eligibility criteria to secure her spot. These include rules from the International Olympic Committee for transgender athletes.

China has just sent three astronauts into space.

The three astronauts – Nie Haisheng, Liu Boming and Tang Hongbo – will spend three months living and working onboard the Tianhe module. This module will form part of a new space station called the Tiangong space station.

In the last six months China has been active in it space exploration programme. It has analysed rock and soil samples from the Moon, and also landed a six-wheeled rover on the surface of Mars.

This trip will be China’s first crewed mission, with astronauts, in almost five years.

Like the International Space Station (ISS), the Tiangong space station will be a place for astronauts and cosmonauts to live, work and study in space.

The name “Tiangong” means “heavenly palace”, and over the next few years, more modules will be joined together to form the finished station.

Medsafe has given the all-clear for New Zealanders as young as 12 to receive the Pfizer vaccine.

Early this week, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern confirmed Medsafe had granted “provisional approval” for the vaccine for youth aged 12 to 15. However, it is conditional on Pfizer continuing to provide data from its clinical trials.

Until the all clear is given, the minimum age for a COVID vaccine remains 16. In New Zealand there are 265,000 children in the 12-15 age bracket.

Ardern said that schools and community hubs would play a pivotal role in giving vaccinations to this younger age group.

Children are much less likely than adults to get severely ill from Covid-19, but overseas some have been hospitalised and even died. Young people can also transmit the virus to others.

Some children, such as those of MIQ workers, may be vaccinated sooner than others if the MedSafe decision was approved by Cabinet.

Short shorts making a comeback for men in Europe this year.

At the moment, while we are in winter, Europe is going through a hot summer.

Social media has noticed a lot of pictures popping up lately of male celebrities in high cut athletic shorts.

According to a number of outlets short shorts will definitely be a trend this summer. In fact, its backed by research done by the firm.

This is just another example of fashion going through cycles.

Short shorts for men were popular from the 1940’s through the 1980’s. However, during the 1990’s and 2000’s the trend started to show men’s shorts getting longer and going to the knee or even past it.

How long will the trend last this time? Only time will tell!

The world’s third largest diamond has been found in Botswana by the Mining firm Debswana.

The diamond is rated as a 1,098-carat stone and was presented to the country’s president, Mokgweetsi Masisi, last Wednesday.

The huge diamond was found on 1 June.

It is the third largest in the world, behind the 3,106-carat Cullinan found in South Africa in 1905 and the 1,109-carat Lesedi La Rona discovered in Botswana in 2015.

The stone, which is yet to be named, measures 73 by 52 by 27mm.

A deaf dog in the United Kingdom has started learning sign language.

Last year, Peggy the sheepdog was forced to retire after she was declared deaf.

Peggy uses body language as a communication tool, which has meant she is now back working on the farm.

Peggy was given to the RSPCA when her owner could no longer communicate with her. After she arrived the RSPCA decided they would try and teach Peggy how to herd sheep using body or sign language as a tool of communication.

They developed a range of hand signals for common herding terms such as “come-by” and “steady”. She has also learnt the hand signals for “good girl” and “stop”.

It’s not clear how Peggy became deaf, her ears show no signs of infection, lumps or obvious signs.