Giant Eel Spotted Recently a video was posted off a human sized eel, Visual effects artist Tim Hamilton posted a video on Youtube of a human sized eel in the Manawatu river. The eel was created using a red screen in his […]
Yes the lewis road creamery milk is here … and In some supermarkets the lewis road creamery chocolate milk has a limit of how many milk bottles you can get,some stores have 2 limit. The lewis road creamery milk has been made by the […]
Have you ever felt a earthquake? Well I have. On Monday the 17th of November there was a eathquake magnitude the size of 6.5. It hit the eastern part of the north island in New Zealand. When it happened the time was 11:33:17. Here is a brief […]
Why Minecraft should be used in schools Minecraft should be used in schools because it can help your learning. On minecraft you can make things such as houses, farms, and anything else you can think of. For example, if someone wanted to be an […]
Sesame street is turning 45! An entertaining educational TV program called Sesame Street is turning 45. The main characters are Elmo, Cookie monster, Bert and Ernie, Big bird, Oscar, Kermit, Zoe, Grover and more. Not only does this program entertain the kids but […]
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