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Would you like a 4 day school week?

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Would you like a 4 day school week? Well for some pupils in Australia, four-day weeks and shorter days could become an option under updated plans.

In Queensland, Australia, state primary and secondary schools are being given the opportunity to adopt ‘flexible’ school schedules, which could include four-day school weeks, shorter days, or variations in start and finish times.

While some schools are already testing shorter days, the expectation is for most schools to continue operating as usual.

nd while shorter days that end earlier might sound amazing, it could also mean a VERY early start.

Plus the extra day not in school might instead be used for doing sports, homework or other educational activities, just not time in the classroom.

One of the issues raised is around working parents and who would look after children on the days when they aren’t in school.

The move aims to provide schools with the flexibility to adapt their schedules based on the needs of their communities. The changes would take effect from 2024, and any proposed modifications would need to be discussed with students, parents, and staff.

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