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World’s largest tongue

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In Portland, Oregon, Jenny DuVander has made her way into the Guinness World Records, thanks to her extraordinary tongue, which measures an impressive 13.2cm around.

The discovery came about while she and her son Evan were browsing through the 2023 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records.

Jenny, who had always been aware of her larger-than-average tongue, thought it could be a contender for a world record after they came across the category for the largest tongue circumference.

To verify her suspicion, Jenny’s dentist helped by using dental floss to measure the circumference of her tongue.

The official measurement confirmed that Jenny’s tongue indeed set a new world record at 13.2cm in circumference. This achievement was particularly special for Jenny, as it was inspired by her son Evan’s fascination with the Guinness World Records. He enjoys reading the hardcover books each year, immersing himself in the world of extraordinary facts and human feats.

Now, Jenny’s unique record is a testament to their shared interest and her remarkable physical trait.

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