Shark Rams into Kiwi Kayaker

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A New Zealand kayaker had a heart-pounding encounter with a shark while recording a video of it chasing a seal. The kayaker, Greg Potter, was fishing off the coast of Waihau Bay when he noticed a disturbance in the water. Initially, he thought it was tuna but soon realized it was a seal being pursued by a shark.

Potter, in his pedal-powered kayak, tried to maintain a safe distance from the action, but the seal sought refuge under his kayak with the shark close behind. The shark crashed into the bottom of the kayak not once but twice, nearly causing Potter to capsize.

Fortunately, he managed to pedal away quickly from the scene, avoiding a potentially disastrous outcome. Experts who reviewed the footage suggested the shark might have been a mako shark rather than a young great white shark.

This heart-stopping incident serves as a reminder of the unpredictable encounters that can occur when humans venture into the natural habitats of marine creatures.

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  1. Poor guy just trying to have a nice kayak then a shark bumps into him . Must have been SO scary I would hate to be him.

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