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Remote control car sets speed record

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A British man named James Whomsley, known as ProjectAir on YouTube, achieved a Guinness World Record for the fastest speed achieved by a remote-controlled jet-powered car. Powered by a JetCat 220 engine, the car reached a speed of 94.76 mph on its first attempt, breaking the previous record goal of 93.2 mph set by Guinness World Records.

However, Whomsley’s subsequent attempts took a dramatic turn. On his second run, the car reached a disqualified speed of 137 mph due to the nose falling off. The third try saw the car achieve a top speed of 141 mph, but strong winds caused the vehicle to explode on the runway.

Whomsley’s initial speed of 94.76 mph became the official record, demonstrating both the exhilarating achievement and the unpredictable challenges of record-breaking endeavors.

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