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New hospital for Kiwi bird to open in Northland

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In the Bay of Islands, New Zealand, a special hospital is opening its doors, but it’s not for people – it’s for kiwis!

This unique hospital, created by the conservation group Kiwi Coast, is located in the peaceful countryside of Kerikeri. It’s designed to help our feathered friends, especially since more kiwis are wandering about due to successful efforts in controlling pests in their habitats.

The rise in kiwi numbers is great news, but it also means these birds face more dangers, like being hit by cars or attacked by dogs. Until now, injured kiwis had to be taken to a center in Whangārei, which was quite a journey that could stress them out further. The new kiwi hospital, built with the help of a local farmer, Puketotara Landcare, and the local hapū Te Whiu, is much closer and better equipped for their care.

This hospital has everything a kiwi might need to recover, including nine cozy pens complete with nesting boxes and native plants, and a clinic with special areas for those who need extra care. The hospital expects to help kiwis affected by things like drought, climate change, and animal attacks.

Interestingly, the hospital had an unexpected visitor before its official opening. A young kiwi, exploring near Opito Bay, ended up in a swimming pool filter! Thankfully, a builder found it just in time and, with the help of local conservationists, the kiwi was taken to the vet and then to the new hospital. After a short stay, it was healthy enough to return to the wild.

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