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London View – The King’s Coronation

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One of the most iconic days in history for the past 70 years was certainly a day to remember.

Fans from around the world started camping out near Buckingham palace since last Tuesday and many arrived at the crack of dawn on Saturday to catch a glimpse of the procession. Despite the drizzle over 100,000 fans had arrived to give their support to the King and Queen.

I cycled in on Saturday and surprisingly the roads were unusually quiet however once we got to the streets behind Trafalgar square we saw many policeman and thousands more people. It was a huge crowd and many fans had Union Jack hats, umbrellas, face paint, flags and outfits.

Many stalls were handing out advertisement flags and it was a lively atmosphere. I arrived at Trafalgar square for 9:00am and spent a fair amount of time trying to get a good view. There were hundreds of policemen about and many roads were barricaded off.

The king set off in his carriage from Buckingham Palace with all the horses and army cadets at 10:20 and I caught a glimpse of the big furry hats from the soldiers on horses and the top of the golden carriage the king and queen were in!!

The crowd went wild! Oh, and did you know that the official dish of the coronation is a quiche?

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