Driverless cars arriving in US

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Driverless taxis, also known as robotaxis, have started operating in several U.S. cities including Phoenix, Arizona, and Los Angeles and San Francisco in California. This innovative transportation service allows customers to order rides through an app without a human driver present in the vehicle.

The company behind these robotaxis, Waymo, has reported that about 50,000 people in Los Angeles are eager to try out their service. Users can easily book a ride and even have takeaways delivered using these autonomous vehicles.

Despite the excitement, there are concerns. Some people worry that robotaxis may contribute to road congestion and lead to job losses in the driving sector. Unions representing drivers have expressed fears about employment security and the safety of driverless technology.

Looking ahead, Austin, Texas, is next on the list to receive Waymo’s robotaxis later this year. Additionally, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has announced plans to launch a robotaxi service in August 2024, though details are still forthcoming.

While the technology promises increased safety and convenience by reducing human error and the need for breaks, the debate continues about its impact on jobs and road safety.

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