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2-Year-Old Wiz Kid Joins Mensa

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There’s a new genius in town, and she’s only 2 years old! Meet Isla McNabb from Crestwood, Kentucky USA, the youngest-ever member of the high-IQ society Mensa, making waves and breaking records.

Guinness World Records proudly announced that Isla secured her spot in Mensa by scoring in the 99th percentile of intelligence for her age group on the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales.

Mensa, the largest high-IQ society globally, only admits members who hit the 98th percentile or higher on a standardized IQ test, so you can imagine how extraordinary Isla’s brainpower is!

Parents Jason and Amanda McNabb couldn’t be prouder of their little genius. Isla’s early achievements are nothing short of remarkable – she learned her alphabet at 18 months and began reading shortly after. Jason McNabb shared an adorable anecdote, saying, “At seven months of age, she would pick out certain items from picture books when asked.” Talk about starting young!

Why did Isla’s parents decide to enroll her in Mensa? It’s all about nurturing her incredible talents. Jason McNabb highlighted the community aspect of Mensa as a significant benefit for Isla. Joining Mensa isn’t just about brains; it’s about being part of a community that understands and supports the unique challenges and joys of having a little genius in the family.

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