USA woman reclaims World Record for the largest afro hairdo

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Aevin Dugas from Reserve, Louisiana has set a new world record for the largest afro hairdo. She originally set the record in 2010, with a circumference of 1.3 metres. But the record was broken in 2020 by Simone Williams from New York City with a circumference of 1.2 metres.

However, Dugas recently recaptured the title with her hair measuring an astounding 1.64 metres in circumference, 25 cm tall, and 26.5 cm wide. She has been growing her hair for 24 years and has decided to embrace her natural hair texture rather than using harsh chemicals to straighten it.

Dugas revealed that she wears her long hair in different styles, but reserves the afro for special occasions, as it can be a bit much. Her afro attracts a lot of attention, with people reacting to it in different ways. While some admirers shout out in appreciation, others ask questions or even try to tug at her hair. But Dugas has learned how to deal with it, giving them a little pop on the hand with a few choice words!

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