UFO shaped house for sale

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A unique UFO-shaped house, known as a Futuro, has been granted Category 1 heritage status in New Zealand. This special home, owned by Nick McQuoid, is located in Ohoka. McQuoid first saw a Futuro as a child and rediscovered his interest after the Canterbury earthquakes.

The Futuro home, which looks like a spaceship, stands out as an unusual piece of architectural history. McQuoid has restored one Futuro house and offers it for rent on Airbnb. He is also working on a second one that he brought from Australia.

Heritage New Zealand researchers explored the Futuro’s history and recently recognized its significance by giving it heritage protection. McQuoid believes this challenges traditional ideas about what makes a building historically important.

In addition to the Futuro houses, McQuoid’s property includes play equipment from old McDonald’s restaurants and restored arcade machines. He enjoys collecting and restoring these items, even joking that he might end up on a TV show about hoarding.

Visitors to McQuoid’s Futuro have left positive comments, with some saying it was the best place they’ve stayed in New Zealand. This unique home continues to capture the imagination of guests and heritage enthusiasts alike.


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