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Trump unveils new sneakers

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At a big sneaker event called “The Greatest Sneaker Show on Earth” in Philadelphia, former President Donald Trump introduced a new kind of sneaker with his name on it. These special sneakers, called “Never Surrender High-Tops,” are gold with a touch of the American flag and cost $650NZD.

Mr. Trump showed these shoes at the Philadelphia Convention Centre, where people had mixed reactions; some were happy to see him, while others were not.

This sneaker launch is just one of the many things Mr. Trump has been involved in recently. Besides sneakers, he’s also selling perfumes and colognes on a new website. Even though this website says it’s not part of Mr. Trump’s political campaign, his campaign team did talk about his appearance at the sneaker show.

At the sneaker event, the crowd was very mixed, with some people cheering for Mr. Trump and others not so much. Some people came just for the sneakers and were surprised to see him there. The people who came were of all ages and from different places, showing that Mr. Trump is trying to connect with a wider group of people, especially younger ones.

Mr. Trump has tried other ways to make money too, like selling digital trading cards of himself as different characters. The website selling the sneakers says it’s not about politics, but it’s clear Mr. Trump is still very active in various ventures. Some people at the event really liked the sneakers, while others were more interested in Mr. Trump’s presence. Despite his legal troubles, his supporters remain hopeful about his future in politics.

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