Taylor Swift snubs New Zealand

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Fans of Taylor Swift in New Zealand were left disappointed when it was announced that the singer wouldn’t be returning for a concert tour.

While there is no bad blood between Swift and New Zealand, the insider suggests two innocent reasons for her absence.

Firstly, there are concerns about the size of the stage required for Swift’s performances. Her Eras Tour stage reportedly needs a lot of space, and New Zealand’s largest stadium, Eden Park, might not be able to accommodate it. With limited space available, it becomes difficult to fit both the stage and the audience.

Secondly, there are concerns about ticket sales and the financial aspects of holding large-scale concerts in New Zealand. The insider points out that other famous artists, like Pink and Lizzo, have faced challenges in selling out their shows in the country. This raises questions about the demand for live music among New Zealanders.

However, the insider also believes that if Taylor Swift were to perform in New Zealand, she would likely have no trouble selling out her shows. This is because ticket prices in New Zealand are relatively lower compared to the United States, making them more affordable for fans.

While the reasons for Swift’s absence from New Zealand remain speculative, the insider’s insights provide some potential explanations. It’s important to remember that decisions like these involve various factors, including logistics, finances, and ticket sales. As fans, we can hope that Taylor Swift will return to New Zealand in the future to delight her Kiwi supporters with her incredible talent and energetic performances.

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