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Rare white crocodile born in USA

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This summer, Gatorland, a renowned theme park in Orlando, Florida, witnessed the birth of an exceptionally rare white alligator, and now they are turning to the public for help in naming the tiny gator.

The female baby alligator possesses a unique condition known as Leucism, which is responsible for her distinctive white coloring.

Unlike albinism, Leucism does not affect the eyes. This remarkable creature was born to a mother with a typical coloration and a father with Leucism, originally hailing from a Louisiana swamp.

The parents, named Jeyan and Ashley, are reported to be in excellent health, and the baby alligator was born alongside a sibling with the standard coloration, despite being of the same size.

Leucistic alligators are considered the rarest genetic variation among American alligators, as highlighted in a press statement by Gatorland on Thursday. These alligators exhibit white coloration but often have patches or splotches of normal coloring on their skin.

What sets Leucistic alligators apart from their counterparts is their translucent skin and blue eyes. In contrast, albino alligators have red or pink eyes. Due to their lack of darker skin pigmentation, Leucistic alligators are prone to sunburn and must avoid direct sunlight for extended periods.

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