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Rabbit tattoo world record broken

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In Wales, a man named Craig Evans has done something pretty unique to show how much he loves rabbits. He has set a new world record by getting 69 rabbit tattoos all over his body!

Craig, who is 42 years old, got his first rabbit tattoo back in 2009 and has continued to add more over the years. Now, he has these cute bunny designs on his arms, legs, and chest.

Craig shared with the Guinness World Records that he finds rabbits really charming and likes the idea of having tattoos of something so adorable. Normally, people think tattoos are for tough folks, so having lots of cute bunny tattoos is a fun twist for him.

Even though Craig loves rabbits a lot, he doesn’t have any as pets.

He has a terrier named Bertie at home, and he thinks a rabbit might not be safe around Bertie.

However, his love for Bertie is clear too, as he has one tattoo that’s not of a rabbit, but of Bertie wearing a bunny-themed bandanna. This way, he keeps his rabbit theme going while also including his beloved dog in his unique collection of tattoos.

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