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Push up record broken again

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Romanian athlete Pop Laurentiu, 35, has finally broken the world record for the most pushups performed in one hour after six years of attempting to achieve the feat.

Living in London at present, Laurentiu successfully completed 3,378 pushups in one hour, surpassing the previous record of 3,249 set by Australian athlete Daniel Scali, who held the Guinness World Record title for just one month before it was taken by Laurentiu.

Over the past six years, Laurentiu had been tirelessly striving to break the record, but his previous attempts were disqualified due to not meeting the rigorous form standards set by Guinness World Records. Despite the previous setbacks, Laurentiu remained undeterred and continued his pursuit of the record.

After achieving the record, Laurentiu expressed his feelings of triumph and perseverance. He told GWR officials, “In my heart, I know I did it. After the first six attempts, I was disappointed, but today I feel like a winner.” He explained that each failure only motivated him to keep going and get closer to his goal. Laurentiu’s dedication and determination eventually paid off, making him the new world record holder for the most pushups in one hour.

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