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New Zealand’s 10th meteorite found

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A group of keen citizen scientists, known as Fireballs Aotearoa, have discovered the country’s 10th meteorite in the picturesque Mackenzie Country, located in the South Island. This space rock made its dramatic entrance into Earth’s atmosphere at an incredible speed, catching the eye of Dennis Behan from Queenstown, while he was enjoying a relaxing moment.

The discovery adventure began early in the morning, with about 20 searchers venturing south of Lake Tekapo, eager to find the meteorite. Their effort paid off even before the official search started, leading to celebrations at a local pub.

Steve Wyn-Harris, one of the dedicated Fireballs Aotearoa members, shared the thrilling experience. Despite expecting a tough search across a vast area, luck was on their side when volunteer Jack Weterings noticed the unusual stone, which stood out among the rest due to its distinctive dark color and embedded position in a small crater.

The team, with geologist Marshall Palmer’s expertise, confirmed the rock’s unique composition, rich in nickel, indicating its likely extraterrestrial origin. The meteorite is now on its way to Otago University for further examination, with the team almost certain of its spacey backstory.

In a generous exchange, Jack Weterings, who first spotted the meteorite, received a special camera to continue his sky-watching adventures.

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