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New Zealand may bid for 2034 Commonwealth Games

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New Zealand could host the Commonwealth Games in 2034!

The New Zealand Olympic Committee has shown its interest in hosting the games after the Commonwealth Games Federation implemented a new hosting model that allows for more flexible and innovative games.

Under the new model, the sports programme for the potential New Zealand games would be tailored to local interests, with competition taking place across multiple cities and regions.

New Zealand has hosted the Commonwealth Games three times before: in Auckland in 1990, Christchurch in 1974, and Auckland in 1950.

NZOC’s chief executive, Nicki Nicol, says they want to develop a game that would achieve nation-wide goals and engage young and diverse communities in sports. “This concept is about a nation, not a city,” she says.

However, Nicol added that discussions are still in the early stages, and they have a significant process to go through before confirming a bid. The NZOC will now work with the Commonwealth Games Federation and New Zealand government agencies to further assess how a future games can add value to the future of Aotearoa, including supporting national goals for economic and infrastructure development, wellbeing, community development, and promoting and celebrating their unique culture.

Sports Minister Grant Robertson said that further work needs to be done to understand New Zealand’s position before considering making a formal bid, but they have cross-party support for the initial approach.

If New Zealand does host the games, it will be a great opportunity for the country’s sportspeople to compete at an international level and for New Zealand to showcase its unique culture to the world.


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