Keycap Hat invented by Google

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Google Japan continues to push the boundaries of keyboard innovation with its latest project, the quirky “Keycap Hat.”

This novel idea combines technology and fashion in a unique way to change the typing experience.

The “Keycap Hat” is part of Google Japan’s collection of imaginative keyboard concepts, following the success of last year’s 5.25-foot-long Gboard Stick Version keyboard created to promote Google’s Gboard app. The exciting aspect of this project is that it’s open source, meaning all components, from firmware to hardware, are available on GitHub for those who wish to tinker with it.

How It Functions
Typing with the “Keycap Hat” involves tilting your head. Inside the hat, a 6-axis inertial sensor detects the hat’s orientation, with different angles corresponding to specific character codes. A simple tap on the hat’s top, which offers 20 mm of travel, registers the character. The hat connects to a device via Bluetooth and runs on a 3.7 V, 120 mAh battery. Charging is simple thanks to the USB-C connector.

Unleash Your Creativity
Google Japan’s promotional video for the “Keycap Hat” showcases various fun possibilities. These range from altering the hat’s appearance to whimsically envisioning a magician secretly communicating with their assistant through the hat. Their blog post even entertains the idea of a version with a built-in display, smartphone case, and solar power—a genuine technological hat trick.

DIY Fun, Not a Product
It’s important to note that the “Keycap Hat” is not available for purchase. Enthusiasts looking to experiment with this inventive creation will need to undertake a DIY project or relish Google Japan’s imaginative video demonstration.

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