Google Pixel created audio emojis

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Google Pixel phone users have discovered a quirky new feature on their devices: “audio emojis.”

This feature includes a variety of sounds, such as laughing, clapping, and even a fart noise, which can be played during phone calls by tapping corresponding emoji icons.

A user shared their experience online, expressing surprise and amusement when they first noticed the “Audio Emoji” button during a call. They even called a sibling to test it out, and an accompanying video shows how the feature works, displaying emojis like a drum, crying face, and the poo emoji, each producing a sound like a drum roll or a fart.

The update seems to be in a testing phase and hasn’t been rolled out to all users yet, garnering mixed reactions. While some see it as a fun addition, others question its utility, especially in serious conversations. However, one clever suggestion on how to use the fart sound came from a Reddit user who thought it could be a humorous way to handle scam calls.

Google has not yet provided further details about this feature, but it certainly has people talking and experimenting with the new sounds.

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