Burger King launches ‘Real Cheese Burger’

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Burger King in Thailand has introduced an unconventional cheeseburger option called “The Real Cheeseburger.” This unique sandwich consists of 20 slices of American cheese stacked between two buns, without any other ingredients such as meat or condiments.

Initially priced at 109 Thai baht (NZ$5) as a promotional offer, the burger’s regular price will be 380 baht (NZ$17) in the future. Customers can also choose to add extra cheese slices for an additional cost.

The cheese-loaded creation has gained significant attention on social media, with users sharing videos of themselves trying the burger or witnessing its preparation by Burger King staff. Some customers have found the burger overwhelming due to its excessive amount of cheese, while others described it as a “culinary atrocity” and “revolting.”

Despite its viral popularity, some individuals felt the cheeseburger was too intense and wouldn’t try it again.

Overall, Burger King’s cheeseburger with 20 slices of cheese has become a sensation in Thailand, attracting global attention through social media platforms like TikTok.

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