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An ancient chariot has been found in Pompeii, Italy.

The four-wheeled carriage was found near a stable where three horses were uncovered back in 2018.

Experts believe it was likely used in festivities and parades.

Pleasingly the chariot was in exceptional condition will help researchers and scientists.

Pompeii is a city that was engulfed by a volcanic eruption from Mount Vesuvius in AD79.

The volcanic eruption buried the city in a thick layer of ash, preserving many of its residents and buildings.

The chariot was found in a double-level area connected to stables on the north of the walls of the ancient city.

Archaeologists say efforts to safely free the chariot took weeks after it first emerged during an excavation effort on 7 January.

The ancient city lies around 23km to the south-east of Naples, is a Unesco world heritage site.

Auckland is back to alert level 3, while the rest of the country has moved to alert level 2.

The new levels follow two new Covid-19 community cases that could not be directly linked to earlier cases.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern made the announcement at a briefing at 9pm on Saturday night. She said it was likely that Auckland would remain in alert level 3 for a full seven days.

Aucklanders are asked to stay at home in their bubbles other than for essential travel. If they do go outside they must maintain a 2m distance.

Children are asked to stay home from school in Auckland and gatherings, including weddings and funerals, are limited to 100 people.

Two Swedish meteorite hunters have discovered a 14kg meteorite.

Andreas Forsberg and Anders Zetterqvist, two geologists from Stockholm, discovered the iron meteorite in a forest.

However, they kept their find secret until last month to ensure it was a meterorite.

Experts saw the meteorite hit earth in late November. The pair were then part of a group of around 50 people who then hunted for the remains on earth,

An astronomer at Uppsala University, used a network of cameras to calculate a 16-square-kilometre fall zone.

On November 16th, Zetterqvist found the place where the meteorite had hit the ground. The next day, November 17th, they found the first fragments of the rock.

They alerted Sweden’s Museum of Natural History on November 22nd, and the museum announced the discovery of the fragments on January 26th.

New Zealand’s second-largest wind farm will be built in Hawkes Bay.

Costing around $395 million it will employ 260 jobs during the three-year construction period.

Meridian Energy will build the farm which will be known as the Harapaki Wind Farm.

It will feature 41 turbines generating 176 MW of renewable energy – enough to power more than 70,000 average households.

Meridian Energy currently has five wind farms in operation around New Zealand.

Covid-19 vaccine syringes have arrived in New Zealand and are being shipped around the country.

The first people to receive the Covid-19 Pfizer vaccine will be border workers, cleaners, nurses and security staff.

The plan is to immunise over a thousand border workers for Covid-19 by mid-March. The first doses will be completed on Saturday.

Staff from Auckland’s Jet Park quarantine hotel, as well as Wellington’s Grand Mercure and Christchurch’s Sudima Airport hotels, which are ‘dual-use’ managed isolation and quarantine facilities, will be first following border workers.

Then, the staff at the other 29 MIQ hotels around New Zealand will be vaccinated, along with customs, hotel and airline workers.

China says it has successfully landed a spacecraft on the Moon’s surface.

The purpose of the mission is to gather rock samples and bring them back to Earth for research.

The spacecraft is expected to spend two or three days collecting about 2kg of rocks.

It will be the first time in 44 years that samples have been brought back from the Moon.

The last mission to collect Moon samples was the Soviet Luna mission in 1976.

The materials being brought back are thought to be 1.2 or 1.3 billion years old and should provide insights on the geological history of the Moon.

A rare version of Super Mario Bros. 3 has sold at auction for an astonishing $225,000 NZD.

It is the most money ever paid for a video game!

The cartridge, made in 1990, is still sealed and is in near-perfect condition.

What makes this copy even rarer is the ‘Bros.’ logo being aligned to the left rather than the right. This small, but important feature means it comes from an early production of the game.

The previous record for a rare and sealed version of the 1985 game Super Mario Bros. sold in July this year for $172,000 NZD.

White Ferns captain Sophie Devine has been named the player of the tournament in the Australian women’s Big Bash League.

Devine is an all-rounder who plays for the Perth Scorchers. She beat Australian star Meg Lanning for the top individual award.

During the regular season Devine scored 448 runs at an average of 56. She had a strike rate of 130.23 and took five wickets.

Votes are awarded on a 3-2-1 basis by each standing umpire at the end of every match, meaning a player can receive up to six votes per match.

Devine polled 31 votes, finishing ahead of the Melbourne Stars skipper Lanning (29 votes), Sydney Thunder’s Heather Knight (28), Brisbane Heat’s Grace Harris (22) and Sydney Sixers’ Alyssa Healy (22).

She also made the tournament team.

More than 100 pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins are dead after being stranded on the Chatham Islands.

The whales stranded at a northern beach on the main Chatham Island over the weekend.

Locals had put out word of the stranding the day before. However, due to the large number of whales it was impossible to do anything.

Furthermore, people at the Chathams stay out of the water when there has been a whale stranding because the Chatham Islands has a population of great white sharks which may come in to feed on the carcasses.

Experts said that whale strandings happen every year or two on the islands, he said.

The word ‘lockdown’ has been named 2020 Word of the Year by Collins Dictionary.

Experts say they picked this word because it reflects “the shared experience of billions of people who have had to restrict their daily lives in order to contain the virus”.

The use of the word has also been on the rise.

Lexicographers (people who work on dictionaries) found over 250,000 usages of “lockdown” during 2020, up from just 4,000 last year.

Other words that have seen an increase in usage include and made it into the Top 10 included; coronavirus, social distancing, key worker and self-isolate.

Some words – not related to coronavirus – also made it onto the list. This includes TikToker, Mukbang (a video or stream where someone eats a large amount of food for viewers’ entertainment) and the abbreviation BLM (Black Lives Matter).

It’s the first time that TikToker has made it into the dictionary!