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Zebra escapes from Korean Zoo

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Residents in the bustling city of Seoul, South Korea were surprised to see a zebra galloping through the busy streets on Thursday afternoon. The animal, named Sero, had escaped from his home at the Seoul Children’s Grand Park Zoo and spent three hours exploring the city.

Sero, whose name means “vertical” in Korean, was born in 2021 and managed to break the wooden fencing around his pen. He was seen sniffing around garbage bins in a residential area close to where he escaped.

Many people were shocked to see the roaming zebra and captured the bizarre sight on their phones before posting the videos online.

After a few hours of running free, officials were able to capture Sero and safely tranquilize him before taking him back to the zoo in the back of a truck. Vets at the Children’s Grand Park Zoo have since looked at him and reported that he is in stable condition.

This isn’t the first time an animal has ended up in an unexpected place. Sero’s adventure was a rare sighting and provided a unique experience for those who saw him.

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