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YouTuber Faces Trouble for Plane Crash Stunt

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A YouTuber named Trevor Jacob is in trouble for doing a dangerous stunt with an airplane. He made a video of himself crashing the plane on purpose and posted it on YouTube, pretending it was an accident. The video got lots of views, but now he’s in trouble with the law.

Jacob admitted that he made the video as part of a deal with a company. He could go to jail for up to 20 years for what he did.

He was a pilot and skydiver. He took off from an airport in California and had cameras on his plane. Instead of landing safely, he wanted to parachute out of the plane and record it crashing.

After the crash, Jacob went to the crash site, took the footage, and removed the wreckage. He even destroyed it later. The authorities found out what he did and now he has to go to court.

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