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Wow, Spiders in Australia are Huge!

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Recently a giant spider found in Australia and it is the biggest male funnel-web spider ever found.

The funnel-web spider is the most venomous spider in the world! This huge spider, nicknamed “Hercules,” was found near Sydney and is the biggest male funnel-web spider ever seen.

Hercules is 7.9 centimeters wide – that’s really big for a spider! Usually, these spiders are only 1 to 5 centimeters long. They live in forests and gardens around Sydney, Newcastle, and the Blue Mountains.

Hercules has fangs so strong they can pierce a fingernail! But don’t worry, Hercules is now living safely at the Australian Reptile Park. There, he’s part of a special program that helps make antivenom. People bring in spiders, and the park “milks” them for venom to make medicine that saves lives if someone gets bitten.

Emma Teni, who takes care of spiders at the park, said finding Hercules is like hitting the jackpot. Male funnel-web spiders are more dangerous than females, and a big spider like Hercules can give a lot of venom.

The cool thing is, since this program started in 1981, no one in Australia has died from a funnel-web spider bite. And with all the recent rain and humidity, these spiders are popping up more.

So, while these spiders might sound scary, they’re actually helping save lives in Australia! Isn’t nature amazing?