World’s Shortest Dog

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A Florida woman’s pet chihuahua was officially named the world’s shortest dog living by Guinness World Records at a height of only 9.1 cm.

Pearl, a dog belonging to Orlando resident Vanesa Semler, was officially measured by veterinarian Giovanni Vergel and confirmed to be the shortest dog living.

Pearl’s mother’s sister, Miracle Milly, previously held the same record at a height of 9.65 cm. Milly died in 2020 before Pearl was born.

“We’re blessed to have her,” Semler told Guinness World Records. “And to have this unique opportunity to break our own record and share with the world this amazing news.”

The shortest dog ever, a dwarf Yorkshire terrier owned by British man Arthur Marples, was measured at 7.1 cm tall before his death in 1945.

Have a look on a ruler and see just how short 9cm is!


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