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World’s largest blueberry found

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Imagine holding a blueberry that’s so big, it sets a world record!

That’s exactly what happened at Costa’s berry farm in Corindi, New South Wales, Australia. They grew a blueberry that weighed an astonishing 20.4 grams, making it the largest blueberry ever recorded.

This giant blueberry was picked last November and was kept cool until it could be officially recognized. This week, it was crowned by Guinness World Records as the heaviest blueberry ever.

The record-breaking blueberry comes from the Eterna variety, which is part of Costa’s special program focused on creating new and improved types of blueberries. This program works in different parts of the world, like the Americas, Morocco, China, and some areas in Africa.

George Jessett, who oversees international horticulture at Costa Berries, is really excited about what this means for the future of blueberries. The goal is to make blueberries that not only taste great and meet what customers want but also can handle tough conditions like hot weather and not much water, and are strong against bugs and diseases.

Before this giant blueberry took the title, the biggest one recorded by Guinness World Records weighed 16.20 grams and was grown in Western Australia in 2020. This new record is a big leap forward and shows just how much progress can be made in growing bigger and better fruit.

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