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World wide earthquake test

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A special event called “Exercise Tempest Express” is taking place in New Zealand to help officials and militaries from 19 different countries practice responding to a major earthquake and tsunami.

The exercise started on Tuesday and will last for ten days. The New Zealand Defence Force, along with government agencies, the Red Cross, and representatives from countries like the United States, Fiji, Japan, Mongolia, and Nepal, are all working together to train for emergencies.

The main goal of Exercise Tempest Express is to prepare everyone involved to respond quickly and effectively in case of a big earthquake.
This exercise allows them to practice their plans and improve their skills for future emergencies. By working together with people from different countries, they can build strong relationships and learn how to cooperate better when they need to help each other.

During the exercise, officials will face “real-life dilemmas” that they have to solve. For example, they will have to decide where to land military planes and how to find places for ships to stay if Wellington’s airport and port are damaged in the earthquake scenario they are simulating. It’s important to think ahead and plan for these situations so that they can act fast and save lives if something like this were to happen in real life.

Exercise Tempest Express shows us the importance of being prepared for natural disasters. By practicing and training together, countries can become better equipped to handle emergencies.

When people from different nations work together, they can share their knowledge and experiences, which makes them stronger and more effective at helping others in times of need.


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