What is the London Underground like?

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Vroom! Darting through a tunnel at speeds up to 90KM per hour. Engulfed in pitch blackness. The sound of rails screeching drumming in your ears. Swaying from side to side as if in the wind. Above you, roads.

Hey, I’m Lily and I live in London. With a population of nearly 10 million here, there are many ways of getting around. I tend to get around by cycling, walking or using the London Underground AKA the Tube. It is a collection of 11 lines and 272 stations with the smallest distance between stations being 300m and the longest being 6.3km. The electric trains can take you to nearly anywhere in London and all the lines are built underground.

My favourite place to go on the London Underground would probably be Trafalgar Square where you can see The National Art Gallery and Nelson’s Column. The maximum capacity of passengers on an underground train can reach up to roughly 1,500 on the Elizabeth line which is the newest railway service opened on the 17th of May 2022 to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II Platinum jubilee. It took just under 13 years to build.

The London Underground is a quick paced network with a train stopping at a station, passengers hurriedly getting on and off, the train taking off again and so on. Oh, and did you know that an average of 2.7 million Tube journeys are made on the London Underground every day?!

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