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What is it like flying on a plane for 30 hours?

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Are the words ‘are we nearly there yet’ familiar to you?

Hi, I’m Lily aged 10 and I have recently travelled to New Zealand from London and back again.

It is roughly a 30 hour journey one way broken down into two flights so an extremely long way.

Here are some tips on how to make the most of long haul flights from my point of view.

1. You should always download some movies on your device in case the plane does not have shows you are intrigued by.
2. If you are changing time zones I recommend altering your clocks before boarding to the time of your destination and if possible eating and sleeping alongside that schedule. This allows jet lag to get to you less, so you are able to enjoy your holiday more.
3. Packing a night mask in your plane bag is helpful if the lights are on when trying to sleep and activity books such as sudoku puzzles are a must to keep you occupied while off screens.
4. Bring your own supply of water to stop dehydration, however, remember you have to empty it before airport security, and perhaps some lip balm so your lips do not dry out.
5. I would also always bring some suckable snacks such as mints or lollipops for take off and landing so your ears do not pop.
6. I would always take a look at the flight menu before boarding to know what to expect and if own supplies of food are required.

Oh, and did you know that an aircraft once saved 40,000 dollars when removing one olive from every sandwich?! Perhaps we should start eating less olives! Enjoy your journey!

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