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Wānaka Says No to McDonald’s!

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Imagine living in a super pretty town and finding out that McDonald’s wants to move in. Well, the folks in Wānaka in the South Island.

There’s this big petition going on, like when you sign something to show you don’t agree with it, to stop McDonald’s from opening there.

A lot of people in Wānaka think having a McDonald’s is not a good idea. They say it goes against what makes their town special – being healthy and surrounded by beautiful nature. They worry that McDonald’s might make people eat not-so-healthy food and create a lot of trash.

Some residents even made a rule back in 2002 that said they don’t want big international fast-food places in their town. Right now, they only have a couple of other fast-food spots, like Dominos and Subway.

The people who want McDonald’s to stay away say they care about having a healthy lifestyle in their town. McDonald’s, on the other hand, says they’re just looking at places to open new restaurants, and nothing is sure yet.

So, for now, it’s like a big discussion in Wānaka. We’ll have to wait and see if they get their way or if McDonald’s will still open its doors in this beautiful New Zealand town!

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