US College Sets Record for Women’s Sporting Event Crowd Size

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Nebraska’s Memorial Stadium was filled to the brim as fans gathered to witness a historic moment in women’s sports. The Cornhuskers’ volleyball match against Omaha set a new world record for the largest attendance at a women’s sporting event, with a staggering 92,003 fans in the stands.

The university had its sights set on this record for a while, announcing its plans for a daylong celebration of volleyball, a sport that enjoys immense popularity in Nebraska. The event featured an exhibition match between in-state Division II teams Nebraska-Kearney and Wayne State, followed by the Huskers’ regular-season match against Omaha, which they won in three sets. Country artist Scotty McCreery even performed after the matches.

The previous attendance record stood at 91,648, established during a Champions League football match between Barcelona and Real Madrid in 2022 at Camp Nou Stadium.

Memorial Stadium, with an official capacity of just over 85,000 for football, accommodated even more attendees for this event by providing both seats and standing room on the field. Fans started tailgating outside the stadium hours before the exhibition match, and the atmosphere was electric throughout the day.

The event was filled with tradition and fanfare, including a flyover during the national anthem and the Huskers’ entrance to the stadium led by coach John Cook, emulating the football team’s Tunnel Walk tradition. Synchronized chants of “Go Big Red!” echoed throughout the stadium.

While the 91,648 attendance figure was widely recognised as the previous women’s sports record, there are reports of at least one match at the unofficial 1971 Women’s World Cup in Mexico City drawing 110,000 spectators.

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