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United Nations demand Russia withdraw from Ukraine

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The United Nations has joined together to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and called for peace between the two countries.

The United Nations – known as the UN – is an organisation, that brings countries from all over the world together to talk about world issues.

Set up in 1945 after the Second World War, it is made up of members from 193 different countries. The General Assembly is held when all 193 representatives come together for a big meeting.

At the current General Assembly in New York in the US, members voted to condemn Russia for its invasion of Ukraine a year ago and called for Russian troops to “immediately” and “unconditionally” leave Ukraine and end the fighting.

This was supported by 141 countries, with 32 choosing to abstain (which means deciding not to vote) and seven – including Russia – voting against the proposal.

Whilst the UN assembly can make recommendations based on what is said, it can’t force the countries to take action.


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