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Undersea Volcano Eruption Creates New Land off Japan

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Approximately one kilometer off the southern coast of Iwo Jima a new island has been created.

The new island was created when unnamed undersea volcano erupted three weeks ago, offering a rare spectacle of the creation of a new island.

The volcanic activity, started on October 21, with the accumulation of volcanic ash and rocks on the seabed. Within ten days, a new island emerged, measuring around 100 meters in diameter and reaching a height of about 20 meters above the sea surface.

While similar volcanic activity has been noted in the vicinity of Iwo Jima in recent years, the formation of a new island is considered a significant development.

Experts caution that the island’s lifespan might be limited. The newly formed island has experienced some reduction in size due to its “crumbly” composition.

Ongoing analysis by the Japan Meteorological Agency’s volcanic division aims to determine the nature of the deposits, which could influence the island’s durability. Islands formed from more robust materials like lava might endure longer than those composed of more fragile volcanic rocks such as pumice.

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