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Two takahē released at Zealandia in Wellington

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Attention all nature enthusiasts! Two new takahē birds have just been introduced to Wellington’s incredible Zealandia Te Māra a Tāne, a special place where birds can thrive without worrying about predators.

Let’s meet the new arrivals: a three-year-old female named Waitaa and a six-year-old male named Bendigo. These takahē are quite special because they are endangered, which means there aren’t many of them left in the world. The good news is that their arrival at Zealandia increases the chances of spotting these incredible birds.

For now, Waitaa and Bendigo are settling into a special area within Zealandia. This will help them get used to their new surroundings before they are allowed to explore the wider sanctuary in a few days. The sanctuary is like a safe haven for these birds, where they can live happily without any worries.

Waitaa and Bendigo flew to Wellington all the way from the Burwood Takahē Breeding Centre in Te Anau. This journey might have been a bit tiring, but it’s all worth it to help protect these precious creatures.

Scott Langdale, a volunteer at the sanctuary, is really excited about this. He said, “You’ll be able to see them from outside of Zealandia looking in as well.” This means even people outside the sanctuary fence might get a chance to catch a glimpse of these beautiful birds.

Takahē are quite rare, with only a few hundred left in the world. They’re like special treasures, and Zealandia is doing an amazing job helping them survive and thrive. So, if you’re lucky enough to visit Zealandia, keep your eyes open for these wonderful takahē!

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