TikTok to be banned in New Zealand

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In a surprise move, the New Zealand government has announced that TikTok, the popular social media app, will be banned in the country effective immediately.

The decision was made after concerns were raised about the app’s security and privacy features, with fears that user data may be shared with foreign governments.

As a result of the ban, users in New Zealand will no longer be able to access TikTok, and those who have already downloaded the app will be asked to delete it from their devices.

The news has come as a shock to many young people in the country, who have used TikTok as a way to connect with friends and express themselves creatively.

Social media influencers have also expressed their disappointment, with many stating that TikTok has been a key platform for them to build their following and share their content.

In response to the ban, TikTok has released a statement saying that they are “deeply disappointed” by the decision, and that they will be working to address the concerns raised by the New Zealand government.

52 Responses

  1. this was posted on april 1st is it a prank or are they actually banning tiktok (i hope it was a prank i love tiktok)

  2. Interesting, But Sucks, As well Tiktok is not good for you and could have effect on you
    and yeah

  3. i think it should get banned because the challenges can be dangerous and people can get addicted but yea :]

  4. I never thought that Tik Tok was cool so it doesn’t affect me at all. I think that it is cringe in any case. But it could have been an April fools prank, IDK.

  5. I just tried going on tiktok, it worked, nice april fools joke

  6. Tik tok is just a waste of time so im happy this is happening.
    Devices take over life its only good for school,communication

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