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The Grand Chateau Tongariro to close

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The Grand Chateau Tongariro will close permanently from Sunday February 5.

The famous New Zealand Hotel is located in the Tongariro National Park. Built in 1929 it is one of New Zealand’s oldest and most recognizable landmarks.

The reason for the closure is that the company running the Hotel has been unable to come to a realistic agreement with the Department of Conservation (DOC) regarding the lease.  On top of this recent earthquake assessment found that underground shifts over time meant some of the hotel foundations no longer met current safety standards.

To ensure the safety of those at the hotel, including its 36 staff, the decision was made to close it.

Discussions are underway with DOC, the council and stakeholders regarding the handover of the property.

Grand Chateau Tongariro Facts

    1. Historic significance: The Grand Chateau Tongariro was built in 1929 and is one of New Zealand’s oldest and most historic hotels.
    2. Location: The hotel is located in the Tongariro National Park, a World Heritage Site known for its stunning volcanic landscapes and unique geothermal features.
    3. Renovation: The Grand Chateau Tongariro underwent a comprehensive renovation in the 2000s to restore the hotel to its original grandeur.
    4. Surrounding attractions: The hotel is surrounded by beautiful gardens and is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, with many popular hiking trails and ski slopes located nearby.
    5. Elegant furnishings: The hotel features elegant furnishings and period decor, providing guests with a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

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