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Taylor Swift makes history with Melbourne Eras Tour show

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Taylor Swift recently had an amazing concert in Melbourne, Australia, where she performed for her biggest crowd ever – 96,000 fans! This special show was part of her Eras Tour, which is a big trip around the world where she sings her songs. The concert lasted more than three hours and was full of fun and music.

At the beginning of the show, Taylor sang some of her popular songs like “Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince” and “Cruel Summer.” The fans were so excited that they sang along loudly, especially when Taylor played “Champagne Problems” on a pretty piano covered in moss.

Taylor told the crowd how much she loves visiting Australia and sang many of her famous songs, including “Blank Space” and “Shake It Off.” Everyone in the stadium sang with her, which was really cool!

She also gave a sneak peek of some new songs from her upcoming album and even performed a song called “The Bolter” for the first time. The fans knew all the words already!

There were also some surprise songs and a fun moment when one of Taylor’s dancers used Australian slang in a song, making the crowd laugh.

The Eras Tour is known for its amazing stage setup, with different themes for each part of Taylor’s music career. There were cool costumes, big screens, confetti, and even some fireworks!

Fans dressed up in outfits inspired by Taylor’s music, showing how much they love her. The concert ended with some songs from Taylor’s latest album, “Midnights,” and everyone had a great time.

This tour is really special because it’s the first one ever to make over $1 billion, with Taylor planning to do more than 150 shows all over the world. The Melbourne concert was a night to remember, showing how much people enjoy Taylor Swift’s music.

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