Tallest Bull in the world is 1.85m

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A Massachusetts farmer’s bovine behemoth has officially earned a Guinness World Record as the world’s tallest living bull, standing tall at an astonishing 1.85 metres!

Meet Tommy, a 13-year-old purebred Brown Swiss bull, belonging to Cheshire farmer Fred Balawender. The Brown Swiss breed is renowned for its significant size, making Tommy’s towering stature all the more remarkable.

Tommy has been a part of the Balawender family since he was merely one day old. Over the years, he has undergone an incredible growth spurt, eventually reaching this record-breaking height.

According to Laurie Cuevas, Fred Balawender’s daughter, Tommy is more than just a farm animal; he’s a cherished member of the family. “He and my dad always had a special connection, and he became a really large, well-loved pet right away,” she said.

Tommy’s name has a special significance too. He was named after Tom Brady, the legendary quarterback who was a symbol of the New England Patriots at the time of Tommy’s christening. The name choice reflects the family’s admiration for Brady and their affection for their larger-than-life bull.

As for Tommy’s weight, it remains a mystery even to the family, as he has outgrown standard transportation equipment. His size has made it impossible to fit him into a trailer for transport to a large-scale weighing facility. Tommy will continue to live out his natural life on the farm, where he remains a truly exceptional and record-setting bull.

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