Tall Blacks lose to United States of America

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The Tall Blacks have been beaten 99-72 by the world number two United States in their first FIBA Men’s Basketball World Cup game in Manila, Philippines.

At the beginning, the Tall Blacks surprised everyone by taking the lead with a score of 14-4 in the first quarter. Reuben Te Rangi, one of the star players for New Zealand, scored an impressive 15 points during the game. Finn Delany and Shea Ili also showed their skills with 12 points each.

However, as the game went on, things got a bit tricky for our Tall Blacks. The United States team used their experience and skills to catch up and eventually win with a score of 99-72. The Tall Blacks tried hard, but some fouls and mistakes made it tough for them in the second half.

Reuben Te Rangi, who is the captain of the team, said that they played well in both halves of the game. But he also mentioned that they need to keep up the good work for the entire game and focus more on defense in the future.

The coach of the team, Pero Cameron, felt proud of how his players performed. He said that basketball is all about adapting to different situations, and he believes the team can learn and improve from this match.

Even though they didn’t win this time, the Tall Blacks are ready for their next challenge. They’ll be facing Jordan in their next game, and they’re determined to bounce back and show their best skills on the court. So, let’s cheer them on and hope for a great victory in their upcoming game!

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