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Sushi restaurants using AI to stop lickers

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Restaurants in Japan are using Artificial Intelligence to stop people licking food and other items.

Recently, a video went viral of a man licking a soy sauce bottle at a restaurant in Japan. Gross! And it’s not just him – other videos have shown people touching other people’s dishes and even putting cigarettes in jars of pickled ginger.

Yuck! This is making people worried about hygiene at sushi restaurants. So, what are the restaurants doing to fix this?

Some have stopped using the conveyor belt altogether, while others have made changes to their rules. At one restaurant, customers now have to collect their own utensils and sauces from staff. And at the Kura Sushi chain, they’re using artificial intelligence to catch any bad behavior.

The restaurant has installed special cameras and sensors on the conveyor belt. If someone does something unhygienic, an alert will be sent to the head office and the police will be called! They want to make sure that everyone can enjoy sushi without worrying about germs.

So, if you’re ever in Japan and want to try conveyor belt sushi, make sure you behave yourself. Or else you might get caught by the sushi police!

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