Surfer brakes world record after riding giant wave

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German surfer Sebastian Steudtner might have set a new world record by riding a giant wave believed to be about 28.57 meters high in Nazaré, Portugal. This accomplishment could surpass his own previous record of 26.21 meters, also achieved in Nazaré back in 2020.

The wave’s impressive height was measured using advanced drone technology developed in collaboration with Porsche Engineering. This technology includes cameras and sensors that accurately gauge the size of the waves and track the surfer’s position.

Steudtner, passionate about advancing big-wave surfing through safety enhancements and technological innovation, expressed his pride in potentially raising the bar once again for the sport. He emphasized the collective effort and “can do” attitude of his team in striving to redefine the limits of big-wave surfing.

The official confirmation of the world record, however, will require verification from the World Surf League and Guinness World Records, a process that might take several months.

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